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HelloStar – The First AR-Powered Influencer Marketplace to Launch in India

After a successful launch in Russia, the AR-powered influencer marketplace will soon come to India, a country where Bollywood stars are in great demand by fans.


The internet and social media made possible for anyone to connect with their favorite influencers and celebrities. Now, a company wants to take things further. HelloStar, an AR-powered influencer marketplace will allow users to receive personalized messages and e-cards from their celebrities of choice. Launched first in Russia, HelloStar is now preparing to launch in India as well.

What Is Special About HelloStar?

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube allow fans to see photos and videos of their favorite celebrities. But augmented reality can take things further. Thus, people may see the influencers they follow in 3D, simply by pointing their mobile phone to a QR marker.

AR-powered influencer marketplace- HelloStar

“HelloStar really came to life when we began thinking about the next digital ‘wow’ factor. As it currently stands, personalization (even at scale) is becoming standardized and the norm cross-platform for Millennials and Gen-Zers,” the creators of HelloStar AR-powered influencer marketplace, Gary and Vincent, explained the idea behind the concept. “Our vision is to immerse fans and their beloved influencers into unique digital experiences, beyond their 2D screen and interaction, bridging them closer together.”

An AR-Powered Influencer Marketplace That Strengthens Fandom

Each fan wants to build a connection with their favorite celebrities, feel noticed and special. Years ago, it was all about getting an autograph. Then there were the mentions and shout-outs on social media platforms. Now, thanks to HelloStar, fans will be able to receive virtual 3D messages from influencers that are tailored especially for them.

This is especially important for fans in India, where each region has its top favorite stars. From Bollywood actors to TikTok influencers, fandoms are widespread across the country. Now, with HelloStar, each fan has the chance to feel special and important.

How Does It Work?

Once they reach the HelloStar India website, fans will see a QR code which they can scan with their mobile phone. The code triggers the AR-powered influencer marketplace, where they can select the celebrities or influencers they want to receive messages from.

Since the platform hasn’t officially launched yet in India, fans can also use the online form at the bottom of the page to suggest an influencer they want to see in the gallery, or check out HelloStar Russia.

Fighting Self-Isolation Boredom With a Social Game

Since India, as well as many other countries, has imposed strict quarantine rules to stop the spreading of the new coronavirus, the team behind HelloStar decided to help people pass the time at home. Together with several influencers, they developed and AR social game that invites people to seek virtual “viruses” and eliminate them.

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As the preview shows, the game works like Pokemon – users point their phone camera and capture the AR elements. At the moment, users can download the APK installer file from the official page of the game.

HelloStar AR game kill the virus

If your device does not allow you to install from 3rd party sources, you can wait for the game to be launched on Google Play and Apple App Store.



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