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Seek Obtains US Patent for Its Proprietary AR Platform Technology

The AR platform developed by Seek allows companies to create cross-platform immersive experiences in a fraction of the time needed with other solutions.


Augmented reality company Seek has recently received a patent for its proprietary technology, which is the foundation of its AR platform, Seek Studio. At the end of May, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Seek XR a patent with exclusive rights for its cross-platform augmented reality deployment technology. The patent protects the IP rights for Systems and Methods for Generating and Intelligently Distributing Forms of Extended Reality Content.

What Is Special About the AR Platform Developed by Seek?

The granting of the patent is the recognition of the unique advanced AR deployment technology invented by Seek XR. The platform that clients use, Seek Studio, allows them to deploy and manage their interactive AR content with ease and without spending a lot of time.

In effect, users upload 3D models of various objects and the AR platform integrates them into any operating system. In this way, brands can create rich and varied AR content available to their clients on computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

Seek AR platform - image illustrates a system for generating and intelligently distributing forms of XR content, particularly AR content
The image illustrates a system for generating and intelligently distributing forms of XR content, particularly AR content

While this kind of technology in itself is not a novelty, Seek has created a future-proof tool for its clients. Seek Studio receives continuous updates and improvements, thus the AR content created and deployed by clients continues to be accessible on all devices. Also, the time needed to complete the deployment and ensure compatibility with all user devices is just a few hours. Working with other available tools could sometimes mean spending weeks on this process.

Paving the Road for a Sustainable Future for AR Content Creators

Speaking about their recently patented technology, the CEO and co-founder of Seek, Jon Cheney said in a press release:

“The fact that the US patent office agrees that the technology we have created is unique and novel, gives us substantial value in the market and further solidifies Seek as a leader in the augmented reality space. This technology empowers us to continue to automate 3D model optimization, making for smoother and more accessible AR experiences in the future.”

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As consumers become more and more interested in finding branded interactive experiences, companies are striving to make their content as varied as possible. A reliable AR platform allows them to create brand stories, build customer journeys and, ultimately, grow their sales.

Building an Online World of Meaningful Interactions

The role of AR in people’s lives has increased beyond expectations during the recent global lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to measurements conducted by Seek, the consumption of AR content on their clients’ websites has increased by 600%.

Seek Studio AR platform
Seek Studio

At the same time, users of the Seek Studio AR platform noted a 150% growth in conversion, paired with a 25% decrease in product returns. As one of the users of Seek’s AR content management platform, Bernie Kropfelder, the CEO of Squatty Potty LLC, explained:

“We’ve been experimenting with AR for the last few years, but Seek’s system makes things easier and organized,” explained one of the users of Seek’s AR content management platform, CEO of Squatty Potty LLC., Bernie Kropfelder. Since the launch of Seek’s AR on our site, we have experienced significant increases in sales conversions on transactions where consumers engaged with the AR functionality.”

Over 100 companies currently use Seek’s web-based AR platform and have created more than 10 million interactive experiences for their clients. Some of the best-known brands that use Seek Studio are Nestle, Walmart, and Lego.

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