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Philter Labs Brings Augmented Reality Experience to Daily High Club’s June Subscription Box

Daily High Club partnered with Philter Labs to create an augmented reality experience for their June subscription box.


Augmented reality brings endless opportunities to a variety of industries. The cannabis industry is no exception. Due to limited advertising prospects and high regulation, brands need to go above and beyond to educate and engage consumers. That’s why emerging technologies are gaining traction in the industry. Plus, amidst this global health crisis, augmented reality gives brands the means to thrive without putting consumers at risk.

Daily High Club, a subscription box for smokers, partnered with Philter Labs, known for their cutting-edge filtration products for modern-day vapers, to bring cannabis to life in AR. “We are constantly looking to bring innovative products to our subscribers. Through our partnership with Philter and the augmented reality experience, we’ll not only further that mission but also launch a new level of engagement with our customers,” said  Head of Marketing and Creative Director at Daily High Club, Elizabeth Whiting. Those who signed up for their June subscription box can experience it first-hand.

Philter Labs and Daily High Club augmented reality experience

Augmented Reality in the Cannabis Industry

Cannabis brands can’t use roughly 80% of traditional marketing channels. They have very little means to influence the shopping decisions of their target market. Although online avenues are available, they won’t always suffice. For instance, stock photos and blurbs won’t be enough to convince consumers to buy products that would normally require visual, tactile, and olfactory input.

Needless to say, many homegrown brands rely heavily on word-of-mouth and in-store experiences. But with the ongoing pandemic, businesses can’t function the way they used to. Thus, it has made an already difficult situation worse.

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That’s one of the reasons why augmented reality fits perfectly in the cannabis industry. Its immersive nature enables cannabis brands to deliver informative and creative experiences. It empowers brands to attract, engage, and retain consumers without putting their lives at risk.

Augmented reality also fits the cannabis industry because of its young target market. Around 40% of cannabis users are 21 to 35 years old, with millennials making up their largest consumer segment. If there’s one thing we know for sure about this generation is that they know how to use AR.

Pushing the Boundaries of the Cannabis Industry

One company that’s carving their own path in the industry is the Daily High Club. It’s a monthly subscription service that offers premium smoking supplies and accessories. They partnered with Philter Labs to deliver a first-of-its-kind augmented reality experience to cannabis consumers.


In Daily High Club’s June subscription box, consumers can find a limited-edition orange glass pipe – the Philter Pocket. “In addition to offering our limited-edition orange POCKET in the June box, we are also using the PHILTER mobile app to activate a piece of video content directly on the custom glass pipe included in the box,” said Philter Labs’ CMO Amanda Bryd. Subscribers can use it to view the video of the brand’s leading influencers: MacDizzle420 and Koala Puffs. By downloading the PHILTER app on Google Play or the Apple Store, they can also bring their glass pipe to life.

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As of now, the AR experience is limited to the June subscription box. However, as Philter Labs and the Daily High Club continue to push the boundaries of the cannabis industry, we can expect to see more innovative experiences in the near future.


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