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Rokid Glass 2 AR Glasses Finish Mass Production

Announced in January, the AR glasses are ready to ship.


China-based AR glasses manufacturer Rokid announced the second generation of their Rokid Glass model in January. Early this month, they announced in a press release shared with ARPost that the glasses had finished mass production and are preparing to ship.

Here, we’ll take a look at the Rokid Glass 2, as well as a refresher course on the company.

A Look at the Rokid Glass 2 AR Glasses

The Rokid Glass 2 went into production in the second half of 2019 and was publicly announced in January of this year. Since then, early users and preorders have popped up around the world – including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Rokid Glass 2 AR glasses

The folding, monocular glasses are designed for multi-use cases within Rokid’s business-to-business market.

“All the products we’ve already released are monocular, mainly used for industrial, maintenance and assembly, manufacturing, logistic, exhibition, healthcare markets, and other B2B markets,” Rokid Public Relations specialist, Linda Wang, said in an email.

The voice-controlled AR glasses are focused on versatility as they are compatible with a wide range of external devices, sensors, and computing devices – including smartphones.

While COVID-19 was unheard of when Rokid Glass 2 went into production and barely a rumor when the AR glasses initially launched, it was a global reality before production finished. Half-way through the process, Rokid made the decision to incorporate an infrared sensor that can check the temperatures of up to ten people at a time from a safe distance.

The added feature has become a major selling point among security and medical organizations. Specific use cases suggested by Rokid materials include event staff and those in an educational setting.

AR glasses Rokid Glass 2

Now that the model has completed the mass production phase, it will begin to ship to distributors and those with preorders. The AR glasses should begin arriving on doorsteps and shelves soon.

Checking in With Rokid

The last time ARPost checked in with Rokid was in March of ‘19. A lot has changed since then, but Rokid still has its eyes on the prize, growing in the less competitive B2B marketplace with plans to eventually move into the consumer space.

While we don’t know exactly when this move might occur, it’s something to keep an eye on.

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“We are working on binocular products used in consumer markets, such as museums, workforces, schools etc.,” said Wang. “We will be selling both monocular and binocular glasses in the future geared towards different markets.”

Final Thoughts

COVID concerns or otherwise, these versatile AR glasses are something to look into for your organization, if you haven’t already.

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