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AREA15 Brings Extended Reality Art to Life on September 17

AREA15 is opening its doors today, September 17, 2020, bringing extended reality art, cutting-edge technology, and unique retail experiences to Las Vegas.


AREA15, an immersive art and entertainment complex, is opening its doors today, on September 17, 2020. It brings live events, extended reality art installations, retail, and other forms of entertainment into a single vibrant space.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening of AREA15 will be scaled down. For everyone’s safety, only a limited number of guests can enter the complex. You have to register to make it inside on opening weekend. Moreover, you must wear a mask at the event.

Larger-Than-Life Art in Extended Reality 

AREA15, which is located at the heart of Las Vegas, is a groundbreaking immersive entertainment complex. Boasting 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, it has plenty of room for multi-dimensional and interactive art.

From the moment you enter the complex, you’ll experience a surreal interactive artwork called Shogyo Mujo. Bart Kresa Studio and Joshua Harker built this 12-foot skull with 3D projection mapping and synchronized music, giving each guest a unique experience as they enter.

AREA15 Vortex-Laurent Velazquez skull

You’ll see festival-inspired artwork at Art Island, a first-ever permanent gallery for larger-than-life pieces, including Giant Disco by Ivan McLean, Omah by Alchemy Arts, and Pulse Portal by Davis McCarty.

There’s going to be a myriad of art installations, boutiques, bars, and restaurants within the complex. You’ll see the corridors of The SPINE lined with these outlets. One artwork you’ll find there is Henry Chang Design’s Valyrian Steel, a kinetic art car inspired by Mad Max and Mars Rover.

Oddwood is also a space where you can socialize and appreciate art. It has an ever-changing 23-foot-high Japanese maple tree at its center. Here, you can sit under a large canopy with 5,000+ LED lights twinkling above you, setting a romantic atmosphere for some beers and cocktails.

Extended reality is a new frontier for art and entertainment. AREA15 is proof of that. By transporting you to new dimensions, you escape the confines of time and space.

Bringing Imagination to Life With Extended Reality 

AREA15 has a lot of space for fun and games too.

Built on a 6,700-square-foot projection-mapped space, The Portal takes guests into an immersive art journey unlike any other. Here, you’ll explore the dreamlike worlds of visual art pieces and custom music created by the world’s leading DJs and composers. The 30-minute experience fully engages all your senses and elevates your consciousness.

Another place you can turn to for entertainment is Emporium. It’s a bar and arcade hybrid where you can enjoy new and classic arcade games, as well as an impressive selection of beverages. It will have nightly music and events, so there’s always something new to see and do each time you drop by.

AREA15 extended reality complex

Birdly is a VR-driven futuristic ride. It’s a high-flying simulator, designed to take you on a full avian experience. You’ll feel the wind beneath your wings and soar high above the most breathtaking landscapes that the digital world can offer. From prehistoric worlds to present urban metropolises, you can go wherever the wind takes you.

Walltopia is also bringing the first indoor roller coaster hybrid, Haley’s Comet, to the US. It’s a hair-raising ride that will take you hang-gliding and free-falling without putting you in actual danger. As it comes with two parallel tracks, you can scream your lungs out along with a friend.

Only a few of AREA15’s experiences will launch on opening weekend (September 17 – September 20). More art activations and extended reality installations will roll out throughout the fall. So stay tuned for further announcements.

The opening festivities will conclude in 2021 with Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart installation.

COVID-19 Precautions

There have been changes to the initial AREA15 plan due to the ongoing global health crisis. Aside from limiting the number of guests, AREA15 will use state-of-the-art technologies to implement the health and safety recommendations of medical professionals and government authorities.

AREA15 will be using an artificial intelligence-driven thermal scanning system. It’s capable of screening temperatures accurately and non-invasively. Furthermore, it can detect guests who aren’t wearing masks and alert staff when social distancing guidelines aren’t met.

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Admission is free, but guests need to make a reservation beforehand. Also, you must wear a face mask at the event for safety purposes.

To watch extended reality art installations come to life, register here.


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