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Experience Sword Fighting With Stunning Visuals in the VR Game “Until You Fall”

Developed by award-winning company Schell Games, the VR game will use strength and magic to battle monsters in order to level up.


October 27 is a date worth noting for VR game fans looking for top-notch adventure and visuals. This is the date when Until You Fall, a sword fighting game developed by an award-winning company, will be available on the most popular VR game platforms.

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The VR sword fighting adventure created by Schell Games has been available as version 1.0 on PlayStation VR and Oculus Quest since September 29. However, the final version is still in the Early Access phase on Steam and Oculus Rift. On October 27, the VR game will exit Early Access and the Version 1.0 will be available on these two platforms as well.

A VR Game for Fans of Immersive and Realistic Adventures

Until You Fall features stunning visuals that will totally immerse the player in the fantastic universe where Rune Knights must battle monsters, corrupted humanoids and other horrible creations. The VR game is not for the faint of heart, as the virtual world they will enter is nothing short of a futuristic hell.

Thus, the player, a Rune Knight, must defend their homeland of Rokar from the aftereffects of the Calamity. The purpose of the VR game is to destroy the Horrors left behind by using the magical power called Aether.

Use Muscle Power and Magic to Defend Homeland

However, at the start of the game, the Rune Knight only possesses a simple weapon – the Engraved Arming Sword. Winning fights and leveling up will allow them to upgrade it in progression, going through 12 different models, from the Heartsplitter to the Gemini Esper.

At the same time, the player has a special ability, called the Super, which also increases from level to level in the progression:

  • Bulwark – temporary armor;
  • Soul Burn – launches a soul-flame bolt;
  • Stasis Strike – freezes the enemy in place;
  • Concussive Blast – generates a blast of energy;
  • Void Trap – traps enemies’
  • Shardstorm – damages enemies with a cloud of crystallized Aether;
  • Empowered Strike – upgrades the current weapon with Wild Aether.

Soul Burn VR game Until You Fall

Also, at the end of each fight, the player can choose one of the several Augments presented to them to increase their abilities. These Augments range from extra health to generating extra damage or upgrading the Super ability.

Until You Fall – the VR Game That Builds a Magical World

The detailed and stunning visuals of the game are just as important for the experience as the action itself. For this new title, Schell Game developers created four magical landscapes that form the land of Rokar:

  • The Forests of Rokar – a mountainous area with lush green vegetation, but now the last resting place of the victims of the Calamity;
  • The Gateway To The City – a now deserted road, in tones of purple, that was used to bring Aether from the mines to the city of Rokar;
  • The Industrial Outskirts – housing the most powerful Aether generator, now prowled by the Horrors;
  • The RuneForge – the only safe place remaining in the land, situated underground.

Start Playing the Game and the Music

Until You Fall is a VR game that players who enjoy synthwave music will definitely love. The soundtrack of the game is 64 minutes long and features titles such as Rise Again, Unrelenting Fury, and Aether’s Glow.

VR game Until You Fall

The tracks are already available for playing and downloading on the Steam Store.

Game Availability and Pricing

Until You Fall will be available starting with October 27 on the following platforms:

  • Oculus Rift;
  • Steam;
  • PlayStation Store for North America and EU;
  • Oculus Quest.

The VR game will cost $24.99 on each platform.

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