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VRDays Europe: Speakers, Events, and Ticket Information

VRDays Europe is taking place from November 4 to November 6. Here’s what it will look like, who will be there, and a chance at discounted and free tickets.


VRDays Europe is coming live to (and from) Amsterdam from November 4-6. The event will still feature a live component with limited seating in Amsterdam, as well as smaller “Satellite Events” around the world as much of the offerings also take place virtually.

As a media partner to VRDays Europe, ARPost is pleased to give you the rundown on everything going on and how you can participate – including the discount code for tickets, and a chance to win a free ticket.

Your Guide to VRDays Europe

VR Days Europe consists of two main components – the tentative live event in Amsterdam limited to 200 attendees, and the online offerings collectively referred to as “New Horizons.” A “Hybrid Pass” covers all of both, but we’ll get into tickets and pricing tiers towards the end of the article.

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Whether you’re able to attend VRDays Europe in-person or you engage in the event remotely, there are four main components: the conferences consisting of exhibitions and speakers, a magazine, satellite events around the world, events in the Church of VR, and an Immersive Funding Market.

Conferences and Exhibitions

This year’s VRDays Europe conferences include over 130 speakers. This year’s featured speakers are Alvin Graylin of HTC, Jeremy Bailenson of Stanford University, Timoni West of Unity3D, and Sandra Rodriguez of MIT.

Other speakers include:

  • Shengzhi Wu of Google;
  • Mark Sage of AREA;
  • Jacob Loewenstein of Spatial;
  • Mária Rakušanová of VIVE;
  • Monica Arés of Facebook;
  • Amy Peck of EndeavorXR;
  • Jay Fraser of HP;
  • Sallyann Houghton of Epic Games;
  • Amy Hedrick of Cleanbox;
  • Tom Ffiske of Virtual Perceptions;
  • Charlie Fink of Forbes.

There will also be a virtual exhibit space where attendees can visit virtual booths set up by participating companies.

“XR for Everyone” Magazine

This year will also feature VRDays Europe’s “inaugural, physical, non-virtual, totally real edition zero” of XR for Everyone. In addition to the full event program, the magazine includes additional interviews and editorials.

If you don’t attend the event (in-person or virtually) you can still order the magazine for $18.

Immersive Funding Market

The Immersive Funding Market is a special venue for academics and startups in the space to connect with partners and funding opportunities. XR researchers and startups in the fields of art, science, and business are encouraged to apply.

VRDays Europe will also include a matchmaking platform, which is listed among the resources included in the free admission price tier, though few other details are readily available at this time.

The Church of VR

The Church of VR event is a showcase of immersive storytelling. It’s one of the only components that requires an actual headset in order to participate.

Select experiences will be available to everyone, regardless of their ticket type, though some experiences will be restricted to paying price tiers.

Satellite Events

The main VRDays Europe event in Amsterdam will coincide with “Satellite Events” taking place around the world. Offerings vary depending on the participating location and sponsoring organizations. So far, Satellite Events are scheduled to take place in Laval, Vienna, and Munich.

These events are one of the offerings that are available to everyone, regardless of their price tier.

Ways to Participate in VRDays Europe

Depending on your location, means, level of interest, and available technology, there are a number of different ways to participate in VRDays Europe. Please note that the prices included below are for the Normal rate, which will be in effect until November 3. After that, the price structure changes to “Door Price.”

Hybrid Pass

The $235 (€199) Hybrid Pass gives access to all of the virtual events as well as the events taking place in-person in Amsterdam. It also includes a physical copy of the magazine.

In the event that the in-person events in Amsterdam are canceled, the Hybrid Pass will revert to the Full Pass and the purchaser will be refunded the difference.

Full Pass

The $117 (€99) Full Pass gives access to all of the events except for the in-person events taking place in Amsterdam. It also includes a copy of the magazine.

This is currently listed as the most popular ticket option.

Discovery Pass

The $81 (€69) Discovery Pass gives access to a limited amount of the streaming events as well as the virtual exhibits.

This pass does not include on-demand recordings after the live event concludes, and it does not include the magazine.

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Student Pass

The $22 (€19) Student Pass includes everything except for the in-person events taking place in Amsterdam and the magazine.

As mentioned above, the magazine can be purchased outside of any ticket for an additional $18 (€15). So, dedicated students can actually have everything that full pass-holders get for an almost $80 discount.

Community Pass

The free Community Pass includes access to the matchmaking platform, the virtual exhibition space, select experiences in the Church of VR, and admission to any Satellite Events.

The Community Pass does not include the magazine or access to live or recorded streaming sessions or the in-person sessions in Amsterdam.

Discounted and Free Tickets

As mentioned, ARPost readers can get their tickets at a discounted price, and we’ll also be giving away some free tickets.

The first 100 ARPost readers to use the code VRD20-ARP-ALLP will get 25% off their chosen ticket.

As for the giveaway, on October 30, ARPost will send an email to all our newsletter subscribers, and the first 3 who reply to the email will get a free Discovery Pass for VRDays Europe. If you are not already subscribed, you can do that here.


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