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ROSE and Patrón Launch First-of-Its-Kind WebAR Holiday Experience

Spread festive cheer when you give Patrón this year with WebAR digital wrapping.


Giving, receiving, and enjoying adult beverages has long been a part of the holidays for many people. And, with alcohol sales on the rise, that isn’t likely to change this year. However, what it looks like will change. To make that change as easy as possible, ROSE and Patrón have partnered on a first-of-its-kind WebAR-enabled packaging solution in the spirits industry.

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”This work represents a historic moment not only for PATRÓN but for WebAR as a whole. This experience is the first of its kind for the spirits industry, pairing user-generated content with Web-based AR renderings,” ROSE founder and CEO Evan Rose said in a release shared with ARPost. “The cherry on top is that the team brought this idea from concept to reality in such a short time.”

A Peek Behind the Curtain With ROSE and Patrón

Through the WebAR solution created by ROSE (previously Rose Digital) and Patrón, purchasers use the user-friendly WebGL engine to create custom “digital wrapping.” The receiver is then able to use just about any mobile device to see their one-of-a-kind gift.

ROSE and Patron WebAR experience - Creator Tool

While both AR product packaging and user-generated AR experiences were around already, this unique solution allows both the giver and receiver to interact with a digital product that is both deeply personal and deeply brand-oriented. While this is a unique use-case, it can be seen as a natural extension of Patrón’s propensity for limited edition packaging.

“During a time when you might not be able to gift in person, creating a custom wrapping with photos, stickers, and text provides that personal touch.”

Similarly, this solution carries echoes of the 2018 AR launch of the adidas Deerupt created by ROSE and Annex88.

“This time, we’re handing the reins over to the user,” front-end/AR engineer Eric Liang said in the release. “In this new collaboration, we’re letting users create and realize something that’s uniquely their own.” 

Two Ways to Use the WebAR Experience

Purchasers have two basic options when it comes to designing their WebAR custom packaging.

  1. They can rely almost entirely on templates, creating an experience that is both one-of-a-kind and fast and simple.
  2. They can upload more of their own content, make more of their own decisions, and include more custom text to create an experience that is even more personalized and thoughtful.

Patron and ROSE WebAR experience 1

“Creating these designs digitally allows for the process to be instantaneous and affordable, rather than waiting for something to get engraved or physically customized without losing the ability to show that someone is thinking of you,” the project’s art director, Nicole Riemer, said.

Patron and ROSE WebAR experience 2

As Riemer pointed out, the custom experience can also be shared by the receiver on social media, as special moments increasingly are.

If that makes any gift-givers nervous, don’t worry, in the design process you can toggle back and forth between a 2D view and a 3D view so that you know exactly what the package will look like as you work. The WebAR interface makes the packages as easy to make and send as they are to receive and admire.

Give the Gift of WebAR

ROSE and Patron WebAR experienceDidn’t plan on giving a bottle of Patrón this holiday season? That’s okay. The WebAR experience is launching in time for the winter holidays but it isn’t going anywhere. The festive but non-denominational designs will liven up any gathering. And don’t worry, available options can also encourage receivers to drink responsibly and keep their gatherings socially distanced.

“With COVID-19 impacting most celebrations this holiday season, we wanted to give customers a way to continue to celebrate with each other while socially distancing,” said Riemer. “During a time when you might not be able to gift in person, creating a custom wrapping with photos, stickers, and text provides that personal touch.”

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