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The Best Upcoming VR Games in 2021

Prepare your headsets – these are the best VR games in 2021 and we can’t wait to try them once they are launched!


It’s that time of the year again – when we look ahead to the coming year and its promises. For us, one of the most exciting parts is sharing with you the best upcoming VR games in 2021. As technology becomes more advanced and affordable for consumers, content creators are encouraged to come up with new titles or expand existing franchises.

Action games are, of course, among the most expected VR games in 2021. And, looking over announcements, we will have plenty of those. Also, there are lots of fantasy VR games, creating new and exciting metaverses for players.

Signals from the Industry Creating VR Games in 2021

This year was extremely difficult for everyone, individuals, and businesses alike. However, one industry was in particularly great demand: the entertainment industry. Global lockdowns determined people to find new ways to have fun at home. This is how many consumers discovered VR games.

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And the trend is likely to continue the next year. Thus, we see a diversification in the offer for VR games in 2021. They will cater to all types of audiences, including those who are not interested in shooters and dystopian universes.

Therefore, here is our list of the best upcoming VR games in 2021.

1. After the Fall

After the Fall VR gameDeveloper: Vertigo Games
Platforms: Steam, Oculus, Playstation VR

After various delays, this VR game for PC is finally set to launch in Q1 2021. After the Fall belongs to the horror genre, developed around the well-known theme of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

The setting is ice-covered LA, 20 years after the apocalypse. Most of humanity has become Snowbreed – a mutant species created by a designer drug. The player is one of the few unaffected by the drug and must join forces with other players from across the globe to fight off Snowbreed monsters. Their purpose is to regain control over the city and reestablish a human civilization.

This promises to be a great online multiplayer game, one of the most engaging VR games in 2021.

2. Myst

Developer: Cyan Inc.
Platforms: Steam, Oculus, GOG

Myst VR games

From freezing LA we go to a mystical island, with lush flora and fauna, but shrouded in mystery. Family betrayal, interactive puzzle, polished graphics, and a mesmerizing storyline – these are the key ingredients of Myst.

Developed especially for exceptional experiences in VR and on flat screen PC monitors, Myst is an excellent choice for players who enjoy high-quality graphics and sounds and want to experience immersion in an exotic environment.

You will have to wait until Q2 2021 to try the game, but you can watch the official trailer for Myst below.

3. Vertigo 2

Developer: Zulubo Productions
Platforms: Steam

Vertigo 2 VR games in 2021

Alien conspiracies are a big part of VR games in 2021 and Vertigo 2 is one of the best titles on this topic. In Vertigo 2, the players find themselves in an underground scientific facility. They have advanced technology at their disposal and they must use it to their best capacity to solve mysteries, fight off dark forces, and find their way back home.

It is E.T. in a VR world, because the twist of the game is that the player is an alien, trapped by humans in the research facility. The game offers all sorts of exciting interactions, such as friendly drones and various parallel universes to explore.

Although the game is set to launch as late as Q4 2021, we believe it’s worth the wait. Here is a trailer to whet your appetite.

4. Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

Wraith - The Oblivion - Afterlife VR games in 2021Developer: Fast Travel Games
Platform: Steam, Oculus

If you are not ready to wait, here is a game planned to launch early in 2021. Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife is one of the horror VR games in 2021, where the player is immersed in Barclay Mansion. A decadent, Hollywood-style residence, the mansion is full of terrible secrets, which frighten even the dead. This is a place of darkness and terror, with Spectres hiding behind corners and in dark corridors.

The player has to fight off the Spectres, using their special powers: handling objects from a distance, passing through walls, and increasing their abilities as they progress through the game. This is a first-person shooter type of game, offering a deeply immersive experience.

5. Sniper Elite VR

Developer: Just Add Water, Rebellion Developments, Coatsink
Platforms: Steam, PSVR, Oculus

Sniper Elite VR game

Finally one of the VR games in 2021 that follows the tradition of war PC games. Sniper Elite VR is based on World War II battles. The setting is Italy, more precisely, the beaches of Sicily.

The player’s role is to help the Italian Resistance fight off Nazi U-boats, using a full range of realistic weaponry, perfect replicas of actual infantry and artillery weapons of the period. With free movement, incredibly detailed maps, and exciting action, this first-person shooter will become a top favorite for players who enjoy this genre.

The game was planned to launch in Q4 2020, but most likely we will see it among the VR games in 2021.

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