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AR Apps With Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Augmented reality apps are becoming more and more powerful with the help of artificial intelligence.


Augmented reality apps are becoming more and more powerful with the help of artificial intelligence, which learns context and awareness about what you are trying to achieve.

In this guide, we review some AR apps with AI in 2021. These apps merge these two technologies together in clever ways to make your life easier.

How Can Artificial Intelligence and AR Work Together?

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are closely related technologies that app developers can combine to create different experiences. At its core, AR is an experience that combines both digital and physical environments.

A quick example of AR are Snapchat lenses and Pokemon Go. AR enables people to superimpose digital content, like text, sounds, or images, over real-life scenes.

Artificial Intelligence is the use of machines, especially computer systems, to simulate human intelligence. AI software tools enable machines to adjust to new inputs, learn from experiences, and even perform human-like tasks.

Examples of AI like self-driving cars and chess-playing computers are deeply rooted in natural language processing and deep learning.

In 2021, new apps and technologies are using these features to create some unique and fun experiences.

Below, we take a look at some top AR apps with AI.

1. ClipDrop

ClipDrop is an augmented reality copy and paste app. It combines AI and AR to deliver great experiences to users.

ClipDrop uses the power of AI and AR to scan real-world objects and digitizes them. You first take a picture, then hold your phone’s camera over your laptop or PC to paste the object into Photoshop.


What’s more? ClipDrop works with PowerPoint, Google Docs, Pitch, Canva, and Figma. Plus, it also automatically cuts out background elements where necessary.

ClipDrop is a cool use of the AR technology and one that is easy to show off. ClipDrop is exactly what AR technology should be used for: making everyday tasks easier.

2. Threedy

Threedy is an AR-enabled shopping app that allows users to convert 2D pictures into high-quality 3D models. This app is available at a fraction of the cost charged by other solutions. One big reason for this is due to the automated artificial intelligence apps.

E-commerce brands can integrate Threedy into their business model to increase online sales and consumer engagement, particularly with products like décor and furniture. Others are home goods.

This AR-powered app lets retailers preview their favorite products in 3D before making a buying decision. You can use your phone’s camera to take the picture of the products you intend to buy and feed it into the system. Threedy immediately converts the objects into 3D and then uses AI to help you find the products.

3. Speed Shopper

Speed Shopper is a virtual e-commerce app that shoppers can use to take smart directions to locate their favorite products in grocery stores. This app uses AI to reinvent how retailers shop their favorite products. Its main focus is to get you in and out of a grocery store as quickly as possible.

Speed Shopper pays people to map out the aisles and locations of all products in a grocery store. Then, customers use the app to search for food and build out their grocery list.

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Speed Shopper uses artificial intelligence to recommend the shortest path in the store to pick up all of your grocery items. The app rearranges your list to automatically show you which grocery items are near one another. Once created, you can simply follow the app to collect your groceries in fewer steps and without any confusion.

The app uses augmented reality to guide you through the store with your phone’s camera. This further simplifies your path to getting your groceries and getting out of the store quickly.

Speed Shopper also includes voice input so that you can build your grocery list with words. You can share and collaborate on your shopping lists with roommates and spouses too. Speed Shopper is set up for use in the world’s biggest grocery stores. Safeway, Costco, Lowe’s, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, and other popular stores are loaded into the data for customers to use.

4. YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup is an AR-enabled photo editor that allows users to smartly place makeup on their faces. It uses AI to learn the shape of your face and the way you wear your makeup so that it appears you’re wearing makeup in your photos.

YouCam Makeup AR app with aritificial intelligence

With this AR-powered photo editor, you can edit your selfies and photos without alterations and still look your natural self. YouCam Makeup features a wide range of photo editing tools, including blemish removal, retouch, and even teeth whitener. Additionally, it has some lovely enhancement tools like lip art, lip reshape, hairstyle modification, nose enhancement, and more.

Compared to other popular editing apps like Canva and VSCO, YouCam Makeup caters to those who value selfies. It also caters to those who are looking for perfect portraits of themselves.

5. Vera Concierge

Vera Concierge is a mobile app that uses the combined power of AR and AI to provide digital concierge services to visitors of commercial buildings and retail outlets. In other words, this app uses real-time data and embedded AI to transforms buildings into intelligent digital twins. Thus, creating an environment where machine and people can operate seamlessly.

Vera Resonai AR apps with artificial intelligence

How is Vera Concierge different from other AI apps in this category? Vera uses real-time data and machine learning to create intelligent agents that can adapt to any environment. That’s not all; Vera also enables intelligent operations by synchronizing all robots, devices, systems, and equipment.

6. SketchAR

SketchAR is an interesting app that lets you learn how to draw. If you don’t have any drawing skills, with SketchAR you can draw captivating structures within minutes. At its very best, SketchAR uses the combined power of AR and AI to put virtual images on walls and floor surfaces. It can also project virtual images on pre-marked surfaces.

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After the app detects a surface and places a sketch, you can then use your drawing pen to trace the sketch. In the process, you will learn how to draw. The app, available for Microsoft’s HoloLens headset, iOS, and Android devices, has a range of tools and advanced augmented reality features that let creative people become professionals overnight.

What AR apps with AI and other intelligence features do you use daily? From personal to business, there is plenty of excitement in this area to look forward to.

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