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ARTECHOUSE Launches Immersive Tech Installation “Geometric Properties”

ARTECHOUSE launches an extended reality installation called Geometric Properties.


ARTECHOUSE New York City, which is known for displaying genre-pushing installations, has launched its latest immersive tech installation. Created by award-winning artist, Julius Horsthuis, Geometric Properties is an immersive cinematic audio-visual experience that highlights the beauty of mathematics, nature, and architecture. It will be on display until September 6.

ART and Immersive Technology

In a former boiler room right below the Chelsea Market, you’ll find one of the most technologically advanced exhibition spaces by far—ARTECHOUSE. Founded by Sandro Kereselidze and Tatiana Pastukhova, the art space seeks to become a home to genre-breaking art and artists everywhere. They continue to push the boundaries of art by embracing new technology-driven pieces.

One of the latest installations on display at ARTECHOUSE is Geometric Properties. Made by Dutch award-winning artist Julius Horsthuis, the immersive audio-visual piece presents endless geometric patterns of fractal dimensions.

Geometric Properties by Julius Horsthuis at ARTECHOUSE NYC - AR immersive art
Credit: ARTECHOUSE photographer Max Rykov

Horsthuis was inspired by the idea of math as the language of nature. With that in mind, he sought to create a world free from the complexities of daily life.

Amid a global pandemic, Geometric Properties presents a reimagined reality, where healing and harmony prevail instead of disease and division. It doesn’t illustrate a utopic vision of the future. It simply moves its viewers through the limitless iterations of geometric dimensions.

Aside from visual projections, Geometric Properties features original music by Michael Stearns and David Levy.

The Power of Immersive Technology

In a traditional art museum or gallery, you won’t be able to fully experience and appreciate an art installation such as Geometric Properties. ARTECHOUSE makes it possible by investing in cutting-edge design tools, unique architectural spaces, and genre-pushing artists.

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As you step into the exhibition space, you’ll see unending geometric patterns projected seamlessly throughout the walls and floor. The patterns prompt self-reflection and wonderment, enabling viewers to visualize themselves. With an infinite display of geometric patterns, Horsthuis aims to leave guests with the realization that they are “part of a larger whole.”

Geometric Properties marks Horsthuis’ second collaboration with ARTECHOUSE. At the same time, it is his first solo exhibition in New York. He is known mostly for his work in the films Manchester by the Sea and Koning van Katoren, which was his big break in the world of visual effects.

Geometric Properties by Julius Horsthuis at ARTECHOUSE NYC - immersive art
Credit: ARTECHOUSE photographer – Alex Maysonet

ARTECHOUSE launched its first exhibition space in Washington, DC, in 2017. A year later, they opened in Miami. A year after that, they opened in New York City. They also developed an extended reality app, which guests can use to view hidden gems in virtual art.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve added augmented reality art and experiences in their app. This enables its users to experience cutting-edge art from the comfort of their home for free.

Geometric Properties is now available for viewing at ARTECHOUSE NYC until September 6, 2021. It is open to all ages.

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