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New VR Fitness App VZfit Helps Stay at Home People Stay in Shape

The VZfit VR fitness platform is available as a monthly subscription and works on Oculus Quest headsets.


The gym is closed, but you want to keep exercising and stay in top shape. Now you can do it in a fun and exciting way with VZfit, a VR fitness platform developed by VirZOOM. This immersive platform will help stay-at-home fitness enthusiasts keep up their routine without getting bored and losing motivation.

Why a VR Fitness App?

Working out from home can become repetitive, boring, and lack expert guidance. Thus, many people are tempted to abandon their daily routines and get out of shape. What they need is an exciting and motivating virtual environment, which replicates the outside world where they go cycling and jogging.

Bike Rome VZfit VR fitness app

And this is exactly what VZfit, the VR fitness app, offers them. The user only needs to get ready with their fitness gear, put on the Oculus Quest headset and handheld accessories, and launch the application. They can pick from a multitude of real-life locations on Google Maps and start training.

“We wanted to combine the limitless possibilities of the world around us with the limitless possibilities of VR,” explained the CEO and co-founder of VirZOOM, Eric Janszen.  […] “Our experiences have always been an exhilarating mix of the real world and the fantastical, but this is the most accessible VR fitness app that uses global exploration as a key motivator, making it so fresh and engaging that exercise almost becomes the side product. Especially in a time when none of us can travel in reality, it already has our community completely hooked.”

How the VR Fitness App Works

Users have two choices: after putting on the Oculus Quest headset, they can grab the handheld accessories and start a jogging or fitness training routine. Alternately, they can put the connectors on a stationary bicycle and choose a cycling routine.

Either way, they can select any environment they like, from a sinuous road in the mountains to a relaxing tropical beach. To make the training session more exciting, they can choose to start streaming a music selection designed to encourage physical exercise.

What Users Get With VZfit VR Fitness App

VZfit aims to offer meaningful fitness experiences to all people who exercise on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes. These people are determined to stay in shape and not let the lockdown disrupt their fitness routine.

Thus, the new VR fitness app developed by VirZOOM offers:

  • 3D Google Street View images from all over the world to explore while exercising;
  • Personalized guidance from expert trainers;
  • A wide range of motivating music to stream;
  • Ability to create and share custom rides.

VZfit VR fitness app

VZfit is available on Oculus Store as a subscription app with a 7-day free trial. If you enjoy the experience, you can choose a monthly subscription at $9.99 or annual membership at a discount price. The app allows unlimited accounts for the same Oculus ID, allowing entire families to stay healthy and exercise in a dynamic and entertaining virtual environment. The subscription to the VR fitness app also offers access to other cycling-based game apps developed by VirZOOM.

How Effective Is VR Training?

Is a virtual environment the right choice to stimulate an active lifestyle at home? The answer is yes, supported by research data. According to a study conducted by the University of Alicante (Spain), virtual reality encourages users to exercise up to 4 times more frequently than in the real world.

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A separate study conducted using technology developed by VirZOOM by Brunel University in London further showed that users enjoy a VR workout 25% more than a real-life fitness session.


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