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PhotoCatch: 3D Scanning App That Converts Photos to AR Objects

The 3D scanning app leverages the recently-launched Apple Object Capture photogrammetry technology.


Are you looking for the right way to visualize an object in a specific environment? Until now, you had to imagine how it fits by looking at separate photos. Now, with a new 3D scanning app you can turn the photos of the item into an AR-ready object and integrate it into the respective environment, thanks to the PhotoCatch app which uses the recently-launched Apple Object Capture photogrammetry technology.

What Is Photogrammetry?

The 3D scanning app relies on advanced computer vision technology, available until now to specialized researchers, such as archeologists (a 3D mapping of the Egyptian pyramids is one of the first examples of its uses).

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Photogrammetry has the ability to “stitch” together 2D images of an object taken from various angles and create a 3D model. Thus, you can continue to study an object in the digital world, by accessing its model, from any location. And now, this helpful technology is available to everyday people thanks to the PhotoCatch app.

How Does the PhotoCatch 3D Scanning App Work?

The app was created to be as simple and easy to use as possible. All you have to do is take a video or several photos of an object from all angles and import them into the PhotoCatch app. Next, click on “Create Model” and prepare to be amazed by the result.

You will have a precise and realistic 3D model of the object, which can be easily integrated into any AR application: game, shopping app, etc. The possibilities are endless and only your imagination is the limit.

Away From Your Mac Computer? Use PhotoCatch Cloud

What if you want to use the 3D scanning app when you are not at the computer? The solution exists: the PhotoCatch Cloud service. You can use your iPhone or any digital camera and take photos of the object of interest. The service supports the most popular image formats: JPEG, PNG, and HEIC.

how PhotoCatch works

Next, upload the photos to the PhotoCatch Cloud platform and you will get your 3D model within 24 hours by email in a USDZ file format. PhotoCatch Cloud is a paid service, starting from $1.99 per model.

Integration With 3D Sharing Services

Created by developer Ethan Saadia, PhotoCatch is designed to allow content creators to share the models they generated with the 3D scanning app. The app integrates with Sketchfab, a popular online platform for sharing 3D content. PhotoCatch: 3D Scanning App That Converts Photos to AR Objects

This opens new possibilities of collaboration in various fields, from engineering and product design to healthcare and education. Anyone will be able to create 3D models for AR or other uses and share them with teams and specialists across the globe.

Supported Devices

Since it uses proprietary Apple technology, the PhotoCatch 3D scanning app is compatible with specific Mac computers running Monterey Beta macOS 12 Monterey Beta. You can find the complete system requirement here.

If you do not have a compatible computer, you can use the PhotoCatch Cloud service instead.

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