Get Spooky With Snapchat’s New Seasonal Lenses



Maybe you’re dressing up and you want your Bitmoji to dress up too. Or, maybe you’re not dressing up but you want to be at least a little festive for your friends and family on social media. Either way, Snapchat has you covered with a collection of fun seasonal lenses, costumes for your Bitmoji, chat stickers, and even a spooky-themed Snap Map.

Festive Lenses and Filters

For a full-body “costume,” the app offers the Werewolf lens. The lens doesn’t only depict the user as a werewolf, you get to watch the whole grisly transformation. Too scary for you? “Spooky Fashion” lets you show off your look (festive or otherwise) with the help of some not-so-ghoulish ghosts.

What about the rest of the house? The Halloween Kills filter places a volumetric capture of Michael Meyers. The Haunted House filter allows you to film or take photographs in a grainy found-footage style. Naturally, both of these filters have fun effects on the selfie-cam too (be sure to open your mouth in the Haunted House lens to trigger that frightening effect).

If you just want a cute, festive selfie, the app has your back with lenses like “Spooky Spiders,” “Devilish Smile,” “Vampire Cat,” “Cute Cyclops” and a butterfly lens with a frightening surprise.

To find these and other spooky lenses and filters, tap the smiley-face icon to the right of the camera button on the main Snapchat screen.

Dress Up Your Bitmoji

These lenses and filters let you have some fun with your messages and stories, but you can also dress up your Bitmoji for the season. Bitmoji fashion choices change and grow all the time, but this year Snapchat is rolling out three new tops, as well as six new full costumes: a fairy, a witch, a clown, a ballerina, an angel, and a devil.

These new costumes as well as select returning costumes are accessed in the same way that you access your regular Bitmoji clothing options: select your current Bitmoji from the upper left corner of the main Snapchat screen to access your profile, and then select the clothing hanger icon. The costumes appear on the first page, just below the “New Arrivals” section.

A Frightening Theme for the Snap Map

You can use your Bitmoji in messages, and its how users that aren’t your Snapchat friends see your profile. But, that’s not all. Your Bitmoji is how you appear on the Snap Map (if you have this feature turned on).

Speaking of the Snap Map, all of those spooky costumed Bitmojis aren’t the only seasonal change coming. For a limited time, the Snap Map itself will appear with a Halloween theme, including changed colors as well as zombies and ghosts roaming the map.

If you usually have your location data turned off, you can turn it on to check out the map or connect with friends for seasonal events through your account settings or by selecting the map icon from the toolbar across the bottom of the main Snapchat page, then selecting the compass icon on the map, and enabling your location.


If you aren’t one of the 95 million daily active North American Snapchat users, or 293 million daily active worldwide users, you can be an active user now through the end of the month to experience these fun seasonal items and options. We didn’t even talk about the seasonal chat stickers!

Jon Jaehnig

Jon Jaehnig is a freelance journalist with special interest in emerging technologies. Jon has a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication from Michigan Technological University and lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. If you have a story suggestion for Jon, you may contact him here.

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