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How a Breakthrough in MicroLED Paves the Way for the AR Glasses of the Future

MICLEDI microLED IC ready for test and demo from 300mm pilot run

Innovations in microLED technology push the creation of next-generation augmented reality glasses.


MICLEDI Microdisplays is posed to change the face of augmented reality and augmented reality glasses. As a fabless developer of microLED displays for AR glasses, the company has developed an industry-first microLED arrays-for-AR. The technology is built on a 300mm complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) manufacturing platform.

This platform enables precision and optimal performance in manufacturing, putting MICLEDI at the forefront of creating more realistic displays for AR glasses.

Meet the Company

MICLEDI Microdisplays is a company focusing on developing microLED displays for AR glasses. As a spin-off of IMEC, a research and innovation hub in industries such as nano-electronics and digital technologies, MICLEDI has access to an exclusive tech partnership that has allowed it to develop its proprietary 300mm manufacturing platform.

MICLEDI microLED AR glasses
MICLEDI microLED IC ready for test and demo from 300mm pilot run

MICLEDI’s technology combines III/V materials processing and 3D integration needed for creating compact and lightweight AR glasses that are capable of producing accurate and crystal clear images.

MICLEDI’s 300mm MicroLED Production Breakthrough

Conventional AR glasses are bulky and heavy, with less than impressive image realism and resolution. Plus, they can get very expensive.

MICLEDI employs a proprietary approach to create a revolutionary display performance for AR glasses. Its goal is to create the “holy grail” of AR glasses that can meet the demands of the future as the field of AR continues to develop.

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Thanks to MICLEDI’s breakthroughs in the field, the next generation of glasses could be cost-effective and able to deliver enhanced display size, brightness, image quality, and power consumption. The production breakthrough includes the following attributes:

  • MicroLED technology that enables large-scale production at CMOS foundries;
  • Energy-efficient module with power consumption below 1.0W in standard AR usage scenarios;
  • A proprietary approach that powers the industry’s most compact form-factor;
  • CMOS-foundry compatible, flawless RGN epitaxial materials that are reconstituted on 300mm CMOS wafers;
  • Pixel-level beam shaping that features FHD RGB arrays with impeccable pixel pitch at 3.0um and exceptionally high luminance of up to 10,000,000 nits.
MICLEDI 300mm microLED wafer from initial production run

Witness the Next Generation of AR Glasses at CES 2022

If you are attending the upcoming CES 2022 in Las Vegas, you will be able to pay the company a visit in Central Hall at booth 19099 and experience the capabilities of their microLED breakthrough. MICLEDI is also planning to showcase samples of their microLEDs to customers starting in the first quarter of 2022.

According to MICLEDI CEO, Sean Lord, CES is the ideal venue for showcasing their technological breakthrough. “CES is where advanced technologies take center stage for all the world to see and AR is one area that is in rapid adoption,” Lord said in a press release.

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