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Enquire AI Gears Up for Metaverse Shift, Purchases Virtual Land

Enquire AI recently purchased virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse, signaling its transition from Web2 to Web3.


Enquire AI, a Washington, D.C.-based firm specializing in AI and data science business intelligence solutions, has recently acquired virtual land in the Sandbox metaverse. Enquire AI’s AI-powered expert knowledge platform helps companies gather deeper insights from industry experts. The platform operates using Natural Language Processing (NLP), powering its algorithm to accurately match client requests with the appropriate expert from its network.

Why Virtual Land

The purchased virtual land will be used for holding meetings and conferences in the metaverse. The move also signals the company’s readiness to shift from Web2 to Web3 in light of the metaverse’s emergence, allowing it to prepare for a more digital future.

Enquire AI joins other major global enterprises that have acquired virtual properties — either in the Sandbox or in Decentraland. These enterprises include PwC, JP Morgan, Samsung, and Adidas.

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Decentraland and the Sandbox are two of the biggest names in the metaverse, particularly when it comes to virtual properties. Both platforms allow users to explore, build, and purchase digital assets like virtual real estate. Both allow designers and developers to create virtual experiences that can be accessed by other users.

According to Enquire AI CEO and co-founder Cenk Sidar, the company is constantly looking for new ways to connect clients with its network of experts. “We believe we will be hosting our first expert-client meeting in the metaverse in the not-too-distant future,” Sidar said in the press release shared with ARPost.

Redefining the Way We Work

The pandemic has disrupted the way we work. While Zoom and other video chat platforms have enabled us to hold virtual meetings, this has resulted in Zoom fatigue, also known as virtual fatigue.

By purchasing parcels of virtual land, Enquire AI hopes to give people a more innovative way to meet, work, and collaborate. Hosting meetings in the metaverse is one of the ways the company can facilitate better client-expert engagement.

The acquisition of virtual land will also help the company’s clients to prepare for the next phase of remote work: a more immersive experience that enables social interaction in the metaverse.

The Shift to the Metaverse

The advent of the metaverse has prompted many institutions and individuals to make a radical shift toward the virtual. Considered as the next iteration of the internet and even of social media, it offers the promise of more immersive virtual experiences and worlds where anything is possible.

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This shift to the metaverse will allow companies to transcend physical and geographical limits, enabling them to host meetings, hold conferences, launch products, and bring people together in the same virtual space even when they’re at home or at an office in London.

For Enquire AI, this shift will enable them to build better connections between enterprises and subject matter experts through leveraging their AI-powered platform. Furthermore, it lets them cater to their more tech-savvy clients, giving them access to a more innovative way of working and communicating.

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