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Geenee AR and Ready Player Me Partner to Bring Full-Body Avatars to WebAR Experiences

Ready Player Me integration with Geenee AR now allows AR creators to wear their avatars and easily add them to Geenee-powered WebAR experiences.


Are you ready for the metaverse? As digital identities become increasingly important, a new partnership between Geenee AR and Ready Player Me will help people join this new reality. They will be able to create and wear an avatar in WebAR experiences, and even develop interactive content without writing a single line of code.

Strengths of Geenee AR and Ready Player Me

Each of the two partners has created innovative solutions for the immersive technologies industry. On one hand, Ready Player Me is a “cross-game avatar platform for the metaverse”, allowing anyone to create and customize their avatar. The users can opt between taking a selfie to create their avatar or using a template avatar from the library.

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On the other hand, Geenee AR, with its WebAR builder, has made WebAR experiences possible at the next level: full-body tracking. So far, WebAR was limited to face tracking – allowing users to apply animal filters on Snapchat or Instagram or to virtually try makeup and hairstyles. Geenee AR has now made it possible to track the entire body through the smartphone camera without using an app.

The new partnership will allow Ready Player Me users to wear the avatar in WebAR experiences created with the Geenee AR’s Full Body Tracking SDK.

How the Integration Works

The partnership is meaningful for both developers and non-technical users. Since the Ready Player Me avatars are rigged to be compatible with Geenee AR’s WebAR Full-Body Tracking SDK, AR developers and creators can now sign into their existing Ready Player Me account directly from Geenee and integrate Ready Player Me avatars into any AR scene or Geenee AR game template, directly from the drag & drop WebAR builder.

Geenee AR and Ready Player Me avatars - WebAR builder

As for the non-technical users, they can also “wear” their avatar by creating it with Ready Player Me, downloading the .glb file, and dropping it directly into the Geenee Try-on Demo.

“We are impressed with Geenee AR’s full-body tracking technology and how well it plays with our avatars,” said the Ready Player Me CEO and co-founder, Timmu Tõke. “We can’t wait to see what our users are going to create. We are also looking forward to deeper integration of Ready Player Me avatar creator into Geenee AR.”

Geenee WebAR builder add RPM avatars

How Does the Ability to Wear Avatar in WebAR Impact Our World?

The potential for development is huge, considering the brands’ need to reach their audiences everywhere, including the virtual world. From brand storytelling to marketing campaigns for the AR world, companies from various industries (retail, fashion, cosmetics, etc.) can offer their clients fully customizable and unique experiences.

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The artistic realism of [Ready Player Me] differentiates the quality of user experience from cartoonish avatars that detract from immersive spatial experiences,” said Cory Grenier, CEO of Geenee AR, explaining the future potential of using avatars together with full-body tracking technology. Geenee is excited to bridge AR and blockchain as we co-develop a Web3(d) future together with Ready Player Me where art and artificial intelligence combine to deliver meaningful products without precedent.”


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