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Webinar: Manufacturing Leader Describes How Augmented Reality is Closing the Skills Gap, Scaling Expertise, and Attracting the Next-Gen Workforce

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) will join PTC to walk through its successful people-centered approach to augmented reality (AR) adoption and the real-world results in a free May 11 webinar.

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Press release


New York, New York, April 29, 2022 For packaging manufacturer IPG, augmented reality (AR) is the answer to the greatest threat to the manufacturing industry today: The industrial skills gap.

Like most industrial organizations, IPG has been dealing with talent and labor shortages due to the retirement of its senior technicians, a lack of new recruits, and insufficient training methods for onboarding new hires and upskilling current workers. The resulting workforce situation is both untenable and unsafe, inhibiting companies’ ability to meet rising demand, improve margins, digitize, and grow.

Register here. Examining these challenges, IPG realized that most of them came down to the skills gap and so it focused on a solution for quickly getting new employees up to speed. What IPG didn’t realize was that the solution would also help with recruitment, improve compliance and safety, and push the company into the future of work.

Tune in Wednesday, May 11 at 2pm EST to learn how industrial leaders like IPG are attracting, training, and retaining young talent, capturing and scaling the expertise of its most senior workers, enabling on-the-job learning, and closing the skills gap with augmented reality.

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