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Boosting AR in E-Commerce With Avataar’s Self-Serve 3D AR Platform

Enhancing the customer journey and increasing e-commerce revenues using AI-powered 3D images.


During the recently concluded AWE USA 2022 conference, Avataar launched its self-serve platform, Supernova, which automates 3D AR content creation for online merchants. This innovative tool features a single-click integration with Shopify and BigCommerce, and is expected to boost AR in e-commerce by encouraging merchants to upgrade their collections with 3D images.

Many e-commerce merchants are hesitant to adopt the AR trend despite its documented benefits. They find creating 3D images to be extremely time-consuming or complicated. For those with large inventories, this can pose a headache.

Avataar has developed an efficient solution in Supernova, an AI-powered 3D content creation platform that rapidly transforms existing 2D photos into photorealistic 3D images. A task that takes weeks is now possible within hours.

Boosting AR in E-Commerce With Avataar’s Self-Serve 3D AR Platform

Avataar took a step further by seamlessly integrating Supernova to Shopify and BigCommerce, making it “the only interactive 3D AR solution available globally on headless e-commerce platforms.” With an intuitive platform, merchants can streamline the entire creation process.

Augmented Reality: The Next Level in E-Commerce

A 2021 Google survey found that “more than 90% of Americans currently use or would consider using AR for shopping”. And almost all of those who have used AR while shopping perceive it as useful.

AR in e-commerce allows shoppers to visualize, customize, and virtually try on products before they commit to buying them. 3D product images and AR experiences give customers enough details to make an informed choice before purchase. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces return rates.

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Using AR keeps customers engaged resulting in longer shopping time and higher conversion rates. A 2021 Vertebrae research found that 7 out of 10 of customers who had an AR experience purchased the item they were browsing. Shopify also shared preliminary observations that product pages that used 3D models enjoyed a 250% increase in conversion rates. With these encouraging numbers, it’s evident that AR is no longer a nice-to-have feature. It’s an essential technology for retailers.

How Avataar Is Boosting AR in E-Commerce

“Avataar’s out-of-the-box AR solution signifies the continuous growth of AR innovation in the e-commerce industry,” said Sravanth Aluru, CEO of Avataar, in a press release shared with ARPost. The company’s self-serve 3D AR solution is the first of its kind aimed at creating “an impactful consumer shopping journey for merchants.” The company envisions its solution to increase brand awareness and sales for the customers they serve.

The patented technology works by scanning existing catalogs and converting them into life-sized 3D images. Merchants don’t need to spend on additional photoshoots since they use what’s already existing. This allows retailers to upgrade their shops faster and at lower costs.

For shoppers, they can interact with the 3D product right in their environment. If they like it, they can directly purchase the item or add it to their cart without going back to a listing page. This reduces the friction of going back and forth between pages when purchasing and viewing a product. Avataar’s integration also allows merchants to monitor customer behavior and gain insights into their buying decisions. This will allow them to understand consumer preferences and provide better services.


According to Avataar, their technology has already produced a 3.5x increase in sales conversions with a 60% increase in product-to-cart visits. Engagement time has also increased to 4 minutes. They are offering this solution as a freemium product to make sure customers are fully satisfied before committing to a paid subscription. Merchants will be charged a percentage of their sales only when they see a sales uplift from usage.

Avataar received a $45M Series B funding this year and their single-click integration product is just one of the many solutions they have in store to further grow AR in e-commerce. Currently, their platform powers some of the largest global e-commerce marketplaces and D2C brands. Their plug-and-play integration acts as an inside engine helping merchants adapt their stores to Web 3.0 standards.

The Future of E-Commerce Is Here

Avataar is paving the way for AR in e-commerce to be accessible, intuitive, and innovative. The company’s recently launched platform is an exciting development in the use of AR for e-commerce, transforming consumers’ online buying behaviors through digital immersion and interaction.

As consumers become more sophisticated and technologically adept, they demand better shopping experiences. Failing to heed this can be detrimental to a business.


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