Orlando is ‘The MetaCenter’: Pushing Boundaries in the Metaverse

Expanding the metaverse beyond games and concerts.


The metaverse community witnessed a new milestone as Orlando proved it is “the MetaCenter” by hosting a business event in the ENGAGE metaverse platform for the VR/AR Association’s Orlando/Central Florida Chapter.

The metaverse is one of the most disruptive technologies of the modern world that is believed to eclipse the Internet soon. And Orlando is poised to capitalize on these exciting times.

Meeting in the MetaCenter Speakers Orlando VRARA

The one-day business event brought leading thought leaders in the metaverse such as tech futurist and metaverse expert Cathy Hackl, co-founder of MetaVRse Alan Smithson, and Head of BD at ENGAGE North America Chris Madsen who talked about the potential of the technology for creating new virtual worlds where people can interact and realize their potential.

Participants joined using various VR devices such as Oculus, mobile devices, desktops, and MacBooks. It was a free event that was simultaneously streamed on YouTube.

Why Orlando Is the MetaCenter 

Orlando, Florida, has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology like next-gen gaming, AI, IoT, and AR/VR. With the declaration as the MetaCenter (as stated on the Orlando Economic partnership website, “The metaverse is being created in Orlando…We call it ‘The MetaCenter.’”), the city aims to cement its reputation on the map as home to booming tech startups and global giants that are creating the metaverse and helping others access it.

“From simulation and modeling to game development, world-building, and even Imagineering, Orlando houses not only the talent, but also the business-friendly climate incentives that are needed to develop the metaverse,” Hackl said in a press release shared with ARPost.

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Through the initiatives of the Orlando Economic Partnership and Unity, a metaverse creation company, the city is creating a digital twin of their 800-square mile metro area that will map everything in 3D and collect massive data like weather, traffic, job opportunities, talent potential, real estate data, and many others.

Orlando aims to create an immersive and functional digital twin that will showcase the city in a virtual world, helping people like potential investors experience the metro without leaving their offices or homes. Orlando has the most Unity licenses in the US, proving that the city is ready to be mapped in a 3D environment.

ENGAGE: Creating Content in the Metaverse

Some of the program’s highlights included the set of Seinfeld, an appearance of a tiger, and various interactive 3D models. Madsen demonstrated what’s now possible within the metaverse. He showed how creating content and building the metaverse using pre-selected assets is now available to content creators making the metaverse space a genuinely engaging and collaborative virtual world.

Meeting in the MetaCenter Seinfeld Orlando VRARA

The potential appears endless as the metaverse moves from games and entertainment to applications for business, training, conferences, events, and many others. ENGAGE is one of the pioneering metaverse companies creating the avenue for creators to build a metaverse that will genuinely capture audiences.

Meeting in the MetaCenter Tiger Orlando VRARA

From Businesses to Universities – Orlando is the Metaverse Trailblazer

Orlando is known as a launchpad for science and innovation. Companies are invested in creating and developing the metaverse, while universities are invested in developing and building the talent needed to sustain it.

With universities providing top-notch AR/VR technology training, metaverse development, and AI development, companies are flocking to the city in search of raw talent.

Most of Orlando’s universities, like UCF (University of Florida) and Full Sail University, produce thousands of graduates well-versed in AR/VR and modeling simulation that is unparalleled in the country.

The city is trusted by big companies like Disney, Universal, EA, Iron Galaxy, SoarTech, MindSphere, and many others to create the workforce they need to launch innovative digital solutions that are miles ahead of their competitors.

Raw talent is not the only reason businesses flock to Orlando. Business incentives for tech companies give the city a business-friendly environment that motivates companies to pursue their metaverse projects.

Orlando’s metaverse industries span a wide range from AR/VR, AI, 3D reconstruction, gaming, and IoT.

Orlando – Unbelievably Real

David Adelson, the Chief Innovation Officer for Orlando Economic Partnership, believes there’s no other place in the world that combines creativity, technology, and innovation the way Orlando does. This passion seen among companies, faculties, students, and residents in the city makes Orlando the MetaCenter of the world.

“After watching intently for years as the building blocks of this new frontier unfold, the metaverse is taking shape – and it is evident that Orlando’s tech companies play a big part in developing this new world,” said Adelson in a press release.

Together with Unbelievably Real, a new marketing campaign that aims to introduce the city to the world through tourism and business partnerships, declaring Orlando the MetaCenter of the world increases the city’s allure in the physical and the virtual world.

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