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Geenee AR Launches Web3 AR Game ‘NFT All Stars’ Playable With Select NFT Avatar Collections

An advance look at NFT All Stars, the new AR game from Geenee AR.


Geenee AR is a WebAR experience builder that has been helping users “Create your metaverse. No Experience needed.” Today they’re launching a device-agnostic AR game playable with avatars from across the metaverse.

Geenee AR’s “NFT All Stars”

Today, the company is launching NFT All Stars an AR game playable with non-fungible avatars from Doodles, The Sandbox, CloneX, Ready Player Me Punks, and other projects. The game is integrated with the MetaMask Ethereum wallet so users can play as their own avatars. However, avatars are also available to players who don’t (yet) own their own NFT avatar.

NFT All Stars AR game

“It’s incredibly exciting to see the release of NFT All Stars from Geenee AR and to have my CloneX brought to life,” CloneX #16127 holder, JaySerpens said in a release shared with ARPost. “We’re barely scratching the surface in terms of what’s possible when you combine storytelling, creativity, digital asset ownership, and the power of augmented reality.”

JaySerpens is one of the owners of avatars playable in the game, which involves racing to collect stars in 45-second rounds. The rounds can be played privately with friends or in public rounds capable of supporting thousands of concurrent players. Additional levels and playable avatars will become available in the coming months.

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AR game NFT All Stars

“Transforming 2D PFPs into real-time, interactive 3D is the logical next step of any metaverse roadmap,” Geenee AR VP Partner Development, Elena de Sosa, said in the release. “Project holders seek utility and want their avatars’ stories to progress. Geenee is excited to help tell those stories in a fun and meaningful way.”

The game is playable on desktop, as well as in mobile AR, not only bringing the avatars into 3D life, but bringing them into life in the physical world.

NFT All Stars AR game Scan QR code

“The Nomad Blvd community believes in a hybrid world consisting of digital and physical, and AR is undoubtedly an unlock for bridging the two,” Nomad Blvd Co-Founder Andy Thoe said in the release. “We found a great partner in Geenee to bring 2D art into exciting 3D form factors.”

More to Come

In many ways, Web3 is about identity. NFT avatars have certainly found a role in the identity conversation as the profile pictures mentioned by de Sosa. Some are even finding a home in completely virtual worlds. And, other NFT projects are working on AR games.

However, Geenee seems to have broken some records with this release. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the game built out with more levels, more playable NFTs, and more partnerships. (I want to be able to see my YondoMondo running around collecting stars.)

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