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Coca-Cola Creates Virtual Environments and Assets in Ongoing Campaign

A look at Coca-Cola’s XR projects with 8th Wall, Samsung, DRESSX, and others.


Coca-Cola decided to launch its newest flavor in the metaverse. The result has been a series of immersive experiences including AR games, virtual concerts, and more. While some of the events are live, others run whenever you find the QR code, so it’s not too late to take a look.

Exploring Activations, Avatars, and Assets

The first Coca-Cola Creations project was a shirt to commemorate the Starlight flavor. From there, the company kicked it up a notch with a line of apparel for AR avatars. The project is a fun proof of principle but it’s relatively limited, as it is only available to owners of Samsung Galaxy line phones.

Coca-Cola Creations Samsung AR Emojis

The company’s next AR activation was somewhat more accessible – a series of Instagram filters. This was followed by an ASMR video, (yes, really), the actual product launch, and more apparel.

Those who may have already been confused by the marketing plan to this point were pleasantly surprised by two Ava Max AR concerts launched from QR codes on limited edition bottles.

Coca-Cola Creations Ava Max AR concert

The concerts involved volumetric captures of the recording artist in a virtual environment complete with digital effects and backup dancers. Partnering on the second virtual concert experience were creative AR platform 8th Wall and creative production partner Tool of North America.

The company next announced a forthcoming virtual collectibles line on VeVe. VeVe is an AR-enabled platform that works similarly to NFT sites but uses an on-platform currency instead of crypto and file downloads instead of blockchain verification. The platform also has plans for an immersive world where users can showcase their collectibles in virtual showrooms.

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Immersive Games and Spaces

8th Wall, acquired by Niantic earlier this year, had worked with Coca-Cola on immersive activations before – most recently on “Treecording,” an experience that allowed users to place a virtual Christmas tree in their surroundings.

Coca-Cola Treecording

So, it’s no surprise that 8th Wall has also powered a number of Coca-Cola’s creations, starting with the second of the AR Ava Max concerts detailed above. Next, 8th Wall – again with Tool of North America – created an AR game launched from Coca-Cola’s new Zero Sugar Byte can. The game featured “Byte,” a block character adventuring and collecting powerups.

Coca-Cola Creations Byte AR mini game

The next game created was somewhat more ambitious and used the “AR portal” technology that 8th Wall helped to pioneer. Users tap their finger to place an AR door. Walking through that door takes them into “Dreamworld,” also the name of another new Coca-Cola flavor.

The game currently in Dreamworld is a rhythm game. Blocks come down a track at the user, who then taps the blocks on their mobile screen – kind of like a simple Guitar Hero. However, the game is just a primer for things to come.

Coca-Cola Creations Dreamworld

Dreamworld was also created in partnership with Tomorrowland, a European EDM festival. So, if the tapping rhythm game doesn’t impress you, remember that this will also be a dedicated site for future virtual concerts.

We don’t have a setlist for any upcoming virtual concerts yet, but artists with music in the current rhythm game include Cellini, KC Lights, Vintage Culture, and Martin Garrix.

More to Come From Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola’s Creations are a scattered approach that may seem disjointed. But, continuing partners with established names in immersive spaces point toward a sustainable project portfolio. As this article was being written, the company announced a partnership with digital fashion brand DRESSX – though we aren’t exactly sure what it’s going to look like yet.

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