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ADLAR Studio Creates Augmented Reality App Showcasing Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

Augmented reality app now showcases limited edition fine art prints.


ADLAR Studio has launched its digital art augmented reality app, bringing a series of limited-edition prints to life for art fans everywhere around the globe. The fine art publishing company is moving toward augmented reality app as a medium to make art more accessible and provide a new experience for long-time art enthusiasts.

ADLAR Studio renders artworks in the emerging augmented reality app setting, working with world-class special effects and technologists. The studio balances exclusivity with accessibility. The prints are still limited edition but are now available for a more immersive digital viewing for iPhone users.

Digitalizing Fine Art Through Augmented Reality App

Using augmented reality-activated technology, ADLAR Studio is starting off with two artists, Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg. Their pieces are available for purchase via the online ADLAR Studio Store, at $4,700 and $3,950, respectively.

ADLAR augmented reality app guffogg Sapere Aude7
Shane Guffogg, Sapere Aude #7

Aside from these opening offerings, ADLAR Studio has in its pipeline more augmented reality app projects, featuring other sought-after artists such as Marilyn Minter, Kenny Scharf, Matthew Brandt, and more.

“More people are experiencing art in different ways, and we are excited that ADLAR Studio is bringing both traditional printmaking and cutting-edge AR technologies to fine art print collectors and new digital natives, whether they are just beginning to collect or have established collections,” said Larry W. Jones, co-founder of ADLAR Studio, in a press release shared with ARPost“The technology now available on our mobile devices is ushering a whole new way to experience traditional printmaking. This is just the beginning of us doing our part in building the metaverse of the future.”

Augmented Reality App in the Art Scene

ADLAR Studio recognizes that the augmented reality app medium will be instrumental in furthering printmaking. Adam Gross, co-founder of ADLAR Studio, has a background in fine arts and has over 25 years of experience working with artists across projects and exhibitions.

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We are thrilled to be launching ADLAR Studio with Analia Saban and Shane Guffogg. This is a dream come true to work directly with artists to help make their art come to life in the physical and virtual worlds,” said Gross.

They are curating and carefully building a solid, digital fine art collection that enables individuals worldwide to appreciate the art and invest in it for their collections.

ADLAR augmented reality app - saban - pleated-ink
Analia Saban, Pleated / Unpleated

Creating an art augmented reality app democratizes art appreciation and broadens the impact of select prints that would otherwise just be enjoyed by a few.

The artists themselves are excited by the direction that ADLAR Studio is paving.

“I’m inspired by technology, and I’m always thinking about how new technologies change the course of art history,” said Saban. “Larry’s experience in cutting-edge digital AR content creation and Adam’s understanding of the collaborative nature of fine art printmaking makes for a perfect fit for artists like myself who are interested in exploring these mesmerizing emerging technologies.” The Argentine artist showcases unconventional methods in her art, including laser-burning wood, unwoven paintings, and molding forms.

Fine Art on the Wall and on Your iPhone

Art enthusiasts can activate an ADLAR print by opening the augmented reality app, scanning the image, and having it come to life. The app is available to iPhone users.

Guffogg ADLAR augmented reality app -Sapere Aude 7-Credit Jim McHugh

ADLAR collaborated with a group of award-winning VFX creatives based in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, experts in AI, 3D animation, volumetric capture, world-building, and motion capture.

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