Meet the “XR-Land Metaverse” Imversed.World

Imversed.World introduces a metaverse centered on XR lands to enable unique geo-attached performances.


The line between the virtual and physical worlds will practically disappear as Imversed.World geotags XR lands to bridge the two worlds. The “XR-Land metaverse” will pave the way for seamless transitions between the digital and physical worlds for fully immersive metaverse experiences.

Creating Seamless Connections Between Digital and Physical Worlds

Imagine attending a virtual London concert halfway across the globe or virtually strolling Lower Manhattan and meeting social influencers. Imversed.World can make this possible. The geo-based metaverse platform can provide brands, influencers, and users with infinite exposure. Creators can highlight their content in a unique way. Users can enjoy the experience and even invest in some.

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With the AR/VR market expected to grow by $162.71 billion in the next three years, the platform provides users with a venue for lucrative growth. Artists, creators, NFT collectors, and metaverse enthusiasts gain value as they participate in a distinct virtual economy while sharing their creations, ideas, or services.

With all XR lands geotagged, users get to interact in hyper-realistic virtual environments. They can collaborate and transact business virtually in almost exactly the same way they would in the real world.

Imversed.World Is Ahead of the Game

The core concept of Imversed.World is to create a new virtual economy in which users may invest their money in future land projects. The new ecosystem could also provide digital jobs for many to supplement their incomes. Avatar standardization and a unified open format make it workable for any game design.

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As we explore more of the XR worlds, advertisements in VR settings have come to the fore. Imversed.World offers a marketing solution to this. The platform aims to change the way creators and brands market themselves and share their content.

For instance, members could place ads on Time Square billboards in Imversed.World for a fraction of the cost in real life. These ads could be seen from various parts of the world by metaverse users. Moreover, any user-generated content posted on a property could be accessed by users wearing an AR/VR headset.

Be a Pioneer and Stake a Claim on XR Land

Be part of the growing metaverse and thrive in the digital world. With plans to offer XR-land minting in December and January, the platform gives its community members the opportunity to mint land in the open metaverse.

Imversed.World coming soon

Secret links for the minting will be shared on the platform’s Discord server. Geo-attached lands have no price yet. However, Imversed.World introduced a tiering level of lands from 1 to 6. The tier depends on the distance to landmarks and cities, as well as some other parameters.

The Imversed.World XR-land concept display will soon have a sneak preview as it launches a virtual NYC. Users will get to explore a virtual replica of New York City and interact with avatars, gaming characters, and famous celebrities.

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