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OVER GATE Console to Deliver Personalized Hyperreal Metaverse Experiences

The OVER GATE Console is a desktop app that’s designed to connect the physical and digital worlds for real-time metaverse interactions.


OVER, an open AR metaverse, has recently announced the OVER GATE Console. With the launch of this new desktop application, users can now create, host, and manage their own hyperreal metaverse experiences on a global scale, taking real-time interactions to the next level.

How the OVER GATE Console Is Transforming Hyperreal Metaverse Experiences

OVER GATE Console is “designed to bring large and small groups together,” no matter where they are in the world. It’s a powerful, versatile tool that can be used for presentations, music festivals, exhibitions, conferences, product launches, parties, and more.

“OVER GATE Console connects augmented reality experiences to real geographic locations and thus enables creators to augment the physical world,” said Davide Cuttini, co-founder and CEO of OVER, in a press release shared with ARPost. “This geo-realism is an exciting feature that breathes new life into AR.”

Easy to use, it lets users start hosting and managing their own virtual events with just a few clicks. Plus, inviting an audience is also made easier with a simple event link-sharing option. The console also lets users tweak settings and details, such as audio and avatars, allowing them to create an event that’s truly one of a kind.

Users would have the option to host the virtual event in any OVRLand property that they own or in any available metaverse location. With an OVRLand property, users can capitalize on opportunities to create and launch original AR experiences for their audience.

OVER AR metaverse - OVER GATE console

The application uses next-generation technology to let users host personalized geo-localized live events in the metaverse with an unlimited number of guests. Furthermore, the console’s technology is capable of linking AR experiences to real-world locations, allowing creators and users to create distinctive virtual experiences.

Guests can also actively participate in virtual events and can freely move their avatars using their devices. To take the experience a step further and create more immersive live AR events, users can wear a motion tracking suit. This enables them to stream accurate, real-time movements. Aside from being active participants in live metaverse events, users can use the console for different purposes. These include playing games and creating a number of unique hyperreal metaverse experiences.

Ushering In a New Era of the Metaverse

With the OVER GATE Console, OVER hopes to pave the way for a new era of the metaverse. Acting as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, OVER and the OVER GATE Console are creating a hyperreal metaverse that closely resembles our real-world environments. The console leverages the capabilities of Web3 infrastructure and OVER’s best-in-class AR technologies to create virtual worlds that accurately represent their real-world counterparts.

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“The metaverse will encompass both AR and VR, and we’re just at the beginning of its evolution. At OVER we believe that VR will be big and yet the potential of AR is even bigger,” Diego Di Tommaso, co-founder and COO of OVER, told us. “Because of that, augmenting the physical world with AR content is the path of least resistance, bringing us into the metaverse.”


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