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ZERO10 AR Fashion Platform: A Digital Fashion Hub Where Virtual Clothing Becomes Wearable in Real Life

ZERO10 launches a fashion platform that makes digital fashion wearable through AR.


The increasing engagement in the metaverse is also spurring interest in digital fashion. We now see more collaborations between global fashion brands and tech companies grabbing opportunities in digital fashion in the virtual world.

But one innovative company has done something more revolutionary for the fashion industry by giving digital fashion practical use in real life. ZERO10, a global fashion platform, recently launched an AR fashion platform that makes it possible for brands, designers, and users to create virtual clothes and wear them through augmented reality.

ZERO10 AR Fashion Platform Makes Virtual Clothing Wearable in Real Life

ZERO10, a team of tech and fashion pros that combines fashion design with cutting-edge technology, recently launched its AR fashion platform to serve as a touchpoint for inspiration, creation, and community among those in the fashion industry.

The ZERO10 AR Fashion Platform is a digital fashion hub where independent designers, fashion brands, and digital fashion enthusiasts can bring their ideas into the real world through augmented reality. The proprietary AR technology of ZERO10 empowers them to create digital apparel, showcase their collections to audiences worldwide, and have users try them on via AR. This powerful AR try-on technology gives digital fashion a more practical purpose beyond the virtual world.

AR Fashion Platform ZERO10 - digital fashion

With the platform’s user-friendly interface, anyone who wants to create and share their digital designs in AR can do so even without prior 3D fashion design experience. Armed with the tools and technology integrated into the platform, all they need is their imagination and creativity to bring their fashion ideas to life. The platform welcomes everyone from emerging fashion designers to global fashion brands into its growing community that fosters creative freedom.

“We want our platform to become the designated space for collaboration, community, and connection where anyone who is passionate about design, technology, content, and digital fashion has a chance to bring their ideas into the world via augmented reality,” said George Yashin, CEO of ZERO10, in a press release shared with ARPost.

Empowering Creators With Advanced AR Tools

To further empower users, ZERO10 will be integrating ZERO10 AR Studio into the platform which will enable creators to transform their designs into AR through user-friendly design tools. The platform will also open opportunities for them to sell their digital fashion designs and gain more value.

Aside from adding more features to the AR fashion platform, ZERO10 also plans on launching an educational program for digital fashion creators. The program will hone their 3D design skills and teach them how to transform 3D designs into high-quality AR assets.

ZERO10 AR Fashion Platform - digital fashion

By providing free design tools and educational content, ZERO10 is making the digital fashion space accessible to more people. It is breaking down barriers of entry to give emerging designers opportunities for growth and success in a highly competitive industry. By providing support for the creator community, it is helping push the boundaries in the development of digital fashion.

“Using our advanced technology and capabilities, we want to support the digital creators community to make this shift happen and create a future where fashion can truly be expressive and unique, limitless, and more sustainable,” said Yashin. 

The Narrowing Gap Between the Physical and Digital Worlds of Fashion

Indeed, ZERO10 is helping pave the future of the fashion industry as they work closely with fashion creatives, digital creators, and software developers in developing technological solutions that provide value for all users.

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With innovative platforms such as ZERO10 AR Fashion Platform, the gap between the physical and digital worlds of fashion becomes increasingly narrower. Along with advancements in the metaverse and developments in immersive technologies, we’re bound to see the lines between them blurring and becoming virtually imperceptible.

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