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ARPost’s 22 Most-Read XR and Metaverse Articles of 2022

Here are our 22 most popular metaverse and XR articles of this year.



From top XR trends and must-have skills for an AR/VR career, to XR hardware reviews, to the potential of the metaverse in various industries, to discussing why we’re not all wearing AR/VR headsets, these are the 22 stories ARPost readers clicked on the most this year.

Hands-On Review of Cupixel22

Hands-On Review: AI and AR Art Instruction App Cupixel

ARPost demoed Cupixel, a new app that uses AR and AI to help anyone realize their artistic potential. In this article, we introduce you to Cupixel, show you how it works, and share what we think about it.

VR Wave21

Hands-On Review of VR Wave Prescription Lenses for Quest 2

A hands-on review and a cost analysis of the VR Wave prescription lens inserts with optional blue light and glare protection for Meta Quest 2.

KKCOBVR Quest 2 Strap and Battery Pack20

KKCOBVR Quest 2 Strap and Battery Pack: Hands-On Hardware Review

Our honest opinion about KKCOBVR Quest 2 strap and battery Pack. Spoiler alert – it’s way better than the native Quest strap.

Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses


Will Magic Leap 2 AR Glasses Lead the Way to the Metaverse?

When Magic Leap released a preview of its new AR glasses, Magic Leap 2, we discussed whether the hardware will attract consumers to the metaverse.

AR SDKs for Building Augmented Reality Mobile Apps18

Top 5 AR SDKs for Building Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

An AR SDK is a key to AR app development. In this guest post, Gourav Sharma from Arka Softwares lists some popular software development tools used for AR app development.

Vuzix M400C Smart Glasses and Vuzix Ultralite17

Vuzix M400C Smart Glasses Become Publicly Available, Consumer Model at CES

We share more information about the Vuzix enterprise headset,  Vuzix M400C, and the coming consumer model, Ultralite.

VR apps for socializing with friends16

The Best VR Apps for Socializing With Friends

VR apps for socializing allow friends and families to stay in touch even in the most challenging situations and feel close to each other. We give you a list of 8 VR apps you can check out.

customer experience (CX) in virtual reality, augmented reality concept15

CX and the Metaverse: The Changing Face of Customer Service in a Virtual World

Customer experience is a crucial factor that determines a brand’s success. As we begin to shift to the metaverse, more companies are working on bringing a new dimension to CX.

3D illustration abstract blue landscape bacgkround - concept of AR cloud14

Real-World Applications and Benefits of AR Cloud

AR cloud is an emerging trend in the field of AR technology that can change the way we interact with both the digital and physical world.

industrial metaverse concept13

Industrial Metaverse: The Factory of the Future

The advent of the metaverse is transforming the manufacturing industry significantly, making it immersive, more agile, and safe. Here are some of the applications of industrial metaverse.

Hyper-Realistic Metaverse Victoria VR12

Dive Into a Hyper-Realistic Metaverse Built on Unreal Engine

In this article, we introduce you to Victoria VR, a hyper-realistic metaverse created and owned by users, and powered by Unreal Engine.


YSL and Armani virtual stores in the metaverse by ByondXR11

Luxury Brands Embrace the E-Commerce Metaverse With Virtual Stores

“Shopify of the Metaverse,” ByondXR, has teamed up with luxury brands L’Oreal Luxe for Armani Beauty and YSL Beauty Thailand to enhance the e-commerce experience with virtual stores.

Lowe’s Opens 3D Product Library to Metaverse Developers10

Lowe’s Opens 3D Product Library to Metaverse Developers

Metaverse developers now have free access to Lowe’s Open Builder. This grants them permission to use 3D digital assets from the product library for free in their metaverse projects.

VR in education concept09

The Future of VR in Education: Full Immersion in Learning

VR in education provides the optimal compromise between students and educators, making learning relevant, interesting, and interactive. In this article, we take a look at the future of this technology in the educational field.

louvre museum - VR museum tours08

The Best Examples of VR Museum Tours From Across the World

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we experience art and culture and introduced VR museum tours as part of people’s daily lives.

Waves organic forms VR and AR headset07

The Most Innovative AR and VR Companies in 2021

This article presents some of the most innovative AR and VR companies in 2021 and the impact they had on the way the average person experiences immersive games and apps.

AR/VR trends06

Top AR/VR Trends for 2022

We cover some of the most important AR/VR trends for 2022 and their impact on the way we live, work, shop, and discover entertainment opportunities.

AR/VR Headsets05

Why We’re Not All Wearing AR/VR Headsets

Spatial computing enthusiasts said we’d all be in the metaverse by now. Why is it not so? Why aren’t we all equipped with a headset?

Artificial Intelligence and AR, VR, and MR04

How Artificial Intelligence Can Reshape AR, VR, and MR Technologies

Artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies are widely used to deliver unparalleled experiences and interactions. Find out how AI can be applied to elevate AR, MR, and VR technologies.

AWE USA 2022 Day One03

AWE 2022 Day One: An AR-Heavy Day Focusing on Presence

ARPost covered the AWE USA 2022 event, which took place in June. Day one saw major announcements from Qualcomm, ThinkReality, and the CyberXR Coalition, Ori Inbar’s AWE opener, and insights from Unity, Blippar, XRA, and others.

Benefits of AR and VR for People With Disability


7 Benefits of AR and VR for People With Disability

Immersive technology can be a game-changer for people with health conditions or impairments. Here are some of the many benefits that augmented and virtual reality provide to people with disability.

AR/VR development concept


7 Must-Have Skills in an AR/VR Career

This article summarizes the skills needed in the AR/VR industry, as well as tips to guide you through your skill-building.

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