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How Artificial Intelligence Can Reshape AR, VR, and MR Technologies

Artificial intelligence is a powerful technology that can further enhance the fields of emerging technologies such as AR, VR, and MR.


Artificial intelligence is a versatile piece of technology that encompasses a wide aspect of our daily lives, including emerging technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. It’s used in various fields, including medicine, education, marketing, gaming, and manufacturing to automate workflows and processes, offer more personalized experiences to consumers, predict market patterns, and develop self-driving smart vehicles.

How is artificial intelligence used to enhance emerging technologies, particularly AR, VR, and MR?

Artificial Intelligence in AR

Augmented reality uses technology to enhance our daily lives. It works by overlaying digital content or information onto real-world objects or locations without distracting users. It’s already used in manufacturing applications and navigation to assist human users. However, some strategies that use AR are limited by traditional and non-AI approaches.

By incorporating AI components, such as deep learning and ontology, into AR, these strategies can be greatly improved. For example, the artificial intelligence algorithm can be applied to AR to offer users improved interactions with their physical environment. The AI algorithm can be used to collect more data that’s detailed to multiple complement AR sensors, such as gyroscopes and GPS.

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Furthermore, AI can be used with AR to offer better mobile experiences to users through interactive and engaging apps. Artificial intelligence lets AR users interact with their physical environment and manipulate virtual objects. In robotics, AI applications can be used to provide support for intuitive control and improving robot motion intent. Moreover, when combined with robotics, AI and AR can greatly improve human-robot interaction.

Additionally, AI can be used to enhance speech recognition, image tracking, and object detection in smartphones. Overall, artificial intelligence is crucial if developers are looking to build more compelling use cases for augmented reality.

Artificial Intelligence in VR

Tech experts believe that artificial intelligence technologies will be instrumental in the enhancement or development of virtual reality technologies. Industries that can benefit from this incorporation include:

Cybersecurity training

AI and VR can be merged to develop AI-driven training programs for cybersecurity professionals. The artificial intelligence aspect will determine the skills of the user, while VR can be used to develop a training program based on the AI’s findings.

Military and hospital training

The US Army can employ AI and VR technology in airplane fighting and flying training. Hospitals can also leverage such technology to train interns for surgeries.

Other aspects or industries where AI can be leveraged to boost VR technology, functionality and capabilities include data analysis, accessibility, real estate, and medical care. Additionally, artificial intelligence enhances the functionality and application of VR in a variety of fields, including gaming and medicine.

Artificial Intelligence in MR

Mixed reality is used to combine the physical and digital worlds to create not only unique environments but also one-of-a-kind experiences for users.

AI, when used with mixed reality, can enrich how machines learn from data without the need for heavy programming, leverage statistical learning techniques to predict attributes, and attain progressive learning capabilities that can accommodate and analyze new data.

Artificial intelligence can bridge the gap between simulation and reality. With AI techniques and strategies being used to revolutionize engineering, developers can create high-quality holographic images that will look good on LCD displays.

Aside from engineering, AI and MR can be used to enhance user experience and drive increased interaction in fields such as energy and manufacturing.

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Artificial intelligence is a crucial component that boosts the power and capabilities of emerging technologies. It can transform industries and different aspects of society. When incorporated into technologies such as AR, VR, and MR, artificial intelligence can create richer and more compelling experiences for our physical and digital worlds.

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