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ROSE and Mastercard® Augment the Miami Design District in a New Immersive Experience

Visit Miami’s beautiful Design District from anywhere - for a limited time.


Mastercard cardholders can see Miami’s Design District in a whole new light, thanks to an immersive experience from ROSE. Follow along for a look at the #Priceless experience and exclusive insight from ROSE on how it came together.

Experience Miami’s Design District In AR

The newest experience on Mastercard’s “Priceless” platform is an AR tour of Miami’s Design District, led by CEO, entrepreneur, and art collector Craig Robins. Some of the seven stops in the viewer’s virtual tour are currently in Robins’ private collection.

ROSE and Mastercard immersive experience - Miami Design District AR tour

“This iconic destination provides enthusiasts with special access to the vibrant arts scene in Miami, as well as the multi-sensory dimensions of the Mastercard brand through our sonic music and immersive visual branding,” said Mastercard Executive VP of Consumer Marketing and Revenue, Monica Biagiotti. “To ensure the experience captures everything the Design District represents, we’re thrilled to partner with the ultimate insider, Craig Robins who introduces a special, curated tour for our guests.”

Each of the stops is marked by an orb that appears in the viewer’s camera feed on their connected smart device. Viewers can select experiences by tapping the orb or by moving toward it. Each bubble transports viewers to its own immersive experience, wherein they can further navigate around the artworks and architecture presented in the tour.

ROSE and Mastercard Augment the Miami Design District in a New Immersive Experience

“We’ve been dipping our toes in the AR space to better understand how people want to engage with this new technology,” said Biagiotti. “AR and other emerging data-driven technologies provide us with an opportunity to connect more consumers with their passions – like travel – in innovative ways so they can learn or experience something new and enriching.”

The stops along the tour include:

  • Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #1138;
  • Virgil Abloh’s Dollar a Gallon III;
  • Buckminster Fuller’s Fly’s Eye Dome;
  • Criola’s Interdimensional Portal;
  • John Baldessari’s Fun Mural (Part 1);
  • Urs Fischer’s Standing Julian;
  • Jana Euler’s Two Brides.

ROSE and Mastercard - Priceless immersive experience

“Miami is becoming a destination for art and technology, this experience really marries the two as a way for Mastercard cardholders everywhere to experience iconic and large-scale art pieces from anywhere using immersive technology,” ROSE Associate Creative Director Nicole Riemer said in an emailed response.

How the Immersive Experience Came Together

This immersive experience is the second XR experience created by ROSE and Mastercard. The first was a Snapchat Lens for Mastercard’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign that launched last summer.

“Working with Mastercard™ has been great!” said Riemer. “For both projects, the Mastercard™ teams have been super excited about using augmented reality and have trusted us as experts in this space. That has allowed us to have a very collaborative relationship.”

Another familiar piece of the puzzle was 8th Wall. ROSE had been working with the company since before it was purchased by Niantic, and the relationship shows no signs of souring.

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“Their support is always great. Their team is very available to work through how to implement our ideas on their platform, and being open to feedback about features,” said Riemer. “During the development of this project, their team checked in often to see if they could offer support, as well as planning for using this as a case study for their platform.”

How to Experience Miami From Anywhere

Mastercard cardholders can virtually visit Miami’s Design District here. The immersive experience runs through June 1, 2023.

(Terms apply. Quantities limited.)
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