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FitXR Workout Classes: New Pop Music Collection to Add Variety to Your VR Fitness Routine

FitXR workout classes get you in the groove with a new pop music collection.


It is no secret that music makes exercise routines fun, but it actually does more than that. In fact, music has been scientifically proven to improve the quality of workouts. One research shows that music is particularly helpful during endurance and high-intensity exercises. It also shows that a faster tempo increases energy demand during exercise. Aside from promoting metabolic efficiency, upbeat music has also been found to be effective in increasing endurance as it distracts people from discomfort.

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The VR fitness app FitXR understands the key role music plays in fitness. So the team continues to expand and diversify music content on its platform to cater to individual preferences. FitXR workout classes across five distinct studios are constantly updated with new music collections to give users more motivation to achieve their fitness goals.

New Pop Music Collection Amps Up FitXR Workout Classes

Recently, FitXR launched a new pop music collection that gives users more music options in all workout classes across its five studios—Box, Dance, HIIT, Sculpt, and Combat. It features hits from the best pop, hip-hop, and rock artists. Whether you’re in the mood for a high-intensity boxing class or a beginner HIIT session, you can definitely find the right workout for you.

There’s a whole collection of workout classes with smash hits from Dua Lipa, Lil Nas X, Megan Thee Stallion, and other popular artists. Let Pink and Lady Gaga set the mood and inspire you to finish the 11-minute “Get This Party Started” HIIT class for beginners. Groove to the beat as you do a quick 4-minute workout in the intermediate boxing class “Green Day Blitz.” You can choose from a variety of classes based on your fitness level and time availability.

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“FitXR is all about making fitness fun, and music is so often what fuels a workout, and makes it an enjoyable experience,” said Kelly Cosentino, Director of Fitness at FitXR, in a press release shared with ARPost. “This is just another way we’re showing our commitment to creating experiences unique to each member’s personal preference and motivators!”

The new pop music collection is just another addition to FitXR’s already extensive music offerings, which include top billboard artists, independent artists, and international artists. With the app’s wide range of classes and music options, there are no excuses for skipping a workout.

Committed to Elevating Immersive VR Workout Classes

FitXR’s new pop music collection is a testament to the app’s dedication to creating unique and engaging fitness experiences for its users. Continuously adding new music and themed studios to its already robust offerings shows its commitment to making fitness more fun and accessible for everyone.

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Leading the way to the future of fitness, we can expect to see more additions and innovations on the platform. These will allow beginners and seasoned fitness enthusiasts alike to personalize their fitness journey and enhance their overall workout experiences.

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