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Immerse Yourself in Sandbox VR’s New Multi-Story VR Game “Dragonfire”

“Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire” is the first fully immersive experience from Sandbox VR with multiple storylines.


Sandbox VR, known for its location-based VR games, announced today the launch of its newest VR experience. Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire is the company’s first VR game that features multiple storylines, created by the company’s AAA in-house gaming studio.

VR game “Dragonfire”: A New Immersive Experience Each Time

After a successful partnership with Netflix that will see its hit series Squid Game developed into an immersive VR experience later this year, Sandbox VR continues to explore new ways to develop VR worlds for its customers. Dragonfire’s multiple storylines allow players to experience something different each time they play, even after completing it.

Developed by experts in the VR industry, Dragonfire was helmed by the former lead designer on Assassin’s Creed franchise and Sandbox VR’s VP of Content and Creative Director, Michael Hampden.

The new VR game makes full use of Sandbox VR’s proprietary technology that lets players experience a fully immersive, VR-powered adventure. It’s the first game that features branching storylines, making each experience different from others.

Sandbox VR Develops Unique VR Experiences

For Sandbox VR CEO Steve Zhao, developing Dragonfire is a step toward the company’s goal of providing unique VR experiences. “With each experience we create, our goal is to push ourselves to invent new ways to immerse players in virtual worlds,” he stated in a press release shared with ARPost.

Set in a castle in a fantasy world, VR game Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire sees players come together as a group of explorers. They encounter a variety of enemies and mysteries and go through several different areas to accomplish their mission.

Sandbox VR Multi-Story VR Game Dragonfire

Because of the branching story arcs within the game, players can choose from many options during gameplay. In essence, players can experience different versions of Dragonfire, depending on their choices. In fact, younger gamers will be able to play an age-appropriate version of the game that does not contain violence.

Consequently, such a complex design posed a big challenge for Sandbox VR in the development of Dragonfire.

“There’s a reason why there isn’t anything like Dragonfire available out there, because so many features have to be designed from the ground up,” Hampden said.  “Melee combat, magic weapons and spells, unlockable items, and choosing where to go next are just a few of the new features we have added to make this perhaps the deepest and most replayable location-based VR experience yet.” 

Expanding Sandbox VR’s Virtual Worlds

Sandbox VR is a location-based VR startup with over 35 locations around the world. It provides immersive VR experiences to guests, which the company describes as similar to the fictional “holodecks” popularized by the Star Trek franchise. Up to six guests can participate in each experience.

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Sandbox VR uses motion capture technology and high-quality haptics to give players a sense of realism while they explore virtual worlds. Each gameplay is designed to be a social experience where friends and family work together to complete game objectives.

Seekers of the Shard: Dragonfire is the seventh exclusive immersive experience developed by Sandbox VR, along with Amber Sky 2088, Star Trek: Discovery, Deadwood Mansion, Deadwood Valley, UFL: Unbound Fighting League, and Curse of Davy Jones. Squid Game, the highly anticipated VR experience in partnership with Netflix, is currently under development, set to launch in late 2023.

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