Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Top Ways Companies Use Virtual Reality Technology for Business

Virtual reality technology is already transforming various business fields and will continue to innovate the way products and services are created and delivered to customers.

The future of business is closely connected with new technologies and their potential to enhance, improve and simplify work procedures. At the heart of each business philosophy there is the drive to be innovative, to be one step ahead of the competition. Right now, the key way in which companies embrace innovation is through the use of virtual reality technology.

An increasing number of CEOs and managers recognize the wide range of possibilities of virtual reality in design, manufacturing, logistic operations, retail and even human resources. Creating a safe environment for training and for testing new concepts is one of the key benefits offered by VR tech, headsets and apps. But these are just two of the various uses of this new technology in business.

Here are the most widespread uses of virtual reality technology which could revolutionize various fields of business:

1. Developing and Testing Prototypes

Business evolves through ingenious new discoveries and continuous improvement of products and services. But before a product is launched on the market, it goes through various stages: theoretical idea, design, and prototype.

Manufacturing and testing prototypes of complex objects, such as engines and industrial machinery, can be very expensive and result in a significant loss for the company. Thanks to virtual reality glasses and software, this phase can be done without wasting raw materials and manpower. Engineers and designers can test, refine and improve their prototype models in a VR environment until they reach a viable, marketable product.

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2. Recruitment Made Easy

We live in a global village where both companies and individuals seek professional opportunities all over the world. Changing city or country for a job opportunity happens every day, but talented employees need to be sure that they really made the right choice.

An e-commerce platform., discovered an amazing recruiting method which uses virtual reality tech: a VR tour of the workplace accompanied by a VR interview with the CEO of the company. This immersive experience allows prospective employees to have the most realistic preview of what it means to work for that company.

3. Reinventing Journalism

Reading a printed newspaper tends to become a thing of the past, but even web and mobile websites and apps are no longer as exciting and convenient as they were a few years ago.

One of the market leaders and pioneers of investigative journalism, The New York Times, has launched a new, immersive way of sharing its top stories: with narration by the journalists themselves in a virtual reality environment. Readers can experience the sensation of being an actor on the stage of top world events, of being a part of history being made in front of their eyes.

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4. Virtual Tourism: The Latest Marketing Strategy

Travel agencies, hotels and resorts are among the business entities which are most eager to embrace new technologies. Exploring a new country or a new culture is not an easy decision, especially if it involves a long distance flight and a significant expense. Virtual reality applications are thus the trump card used by travel companies right now to give potential customers a realistic and immersive experience of being there before they decide to book the vacation package.

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One of the success stories in this field is The Wild Within VR experience promoting the British Columbia region of Canada.

5. Going to a Concert Without Leaving Home

The entertainment industry is one of the top earning business fields in the world. And it is the type of industry which makes the most of any new technological development. When it comes to virtual reality, the potential is endless, from motion pictures to music.

In terms of live entertainment, virtual reality has a notable practical use: Live Nation is streamlining concerts in an immersive, 3D environment created by VR headsets. Thus fans, who cannot travel to attend their favorite musicians’ shows, can experience them from home as if they were there.

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