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Top 10 Best 2017 Oculus Rift Games

For the fans of virtual reality games, these are the best 2017 Oculus Rift games to try.

Virtual reality and games go hand in hand. When it comes to escaping from reality into a fantasy world, gamers have always sought after a fully immersive experience. Now they can enjoy it, thanks to special gear and to the some of the most popular 2017 Oculus Rift games.

Designed for one of the most advanced VR headsets on the market, these games offer a high-level visual and audio immersive gameplay, with realistic and smooth motion tracking and lavish, highly detailed décor and characters.

Without further delay, here are our picks for the top 10 best 2017 [amazon_textlink asin=’B073X8N1YW’ text=’Oculus Rift’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’arpost-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a323e4d1-cfb8-11e7-8435-615de5638de6′] games:


10. Dead and Buried

This game is an excellent choice for people who like first person shooters, westerns and horror. The game takes the players in a random location, where they have to engage in a shoot-out with zombies and other frightening supernatural creatures. From a spooky saloon to a desert landscape, gamers have a large variety of scenarios to satisfy their adrenaline rush – including a good old fashioned train robbery.


Price: $19.99


9. Chronos

Chronos is a 3rd person shooter which embarks the gamers on a quest to save their homeland. Lost in a labyrinth where danger lurks at every corner, players have plenty of challenges and mythical beasts to fight. A special feature of the game is that gamers need to avoid being “killed” in the game: each time your character dies, it loses a year of its life.


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Price: $39.99


8. Farlands

If fighting is not your type of entertainment, then Farlands will probably be more to your tastes. Farlands takes players to a newly found world, with many strange and unknown species of animals. You are free to explore this realm and be amazed at the creativity of the designers who gave virtual life to the creatures around you. This game will especially appeal to fans of the Avatar movie.

Price: Free


7. Robo Recall

We cannot make a list of the best 2017 Oculus Rift games without including one about robots. In Robo Recall, you are Agent 34 and you work at a robot manufacturing factory, removing the defective robots from the assembly line. But a strange virus has turned most of the robots against you and you have to eliminate them. If you really want a massive first person shooter, Robo Recall will definitely be your choice.

Price: $29.99 / Free with Oculus Touch


6. The Assembly

This game is a bit different from anything you’ve played before. Winner of 2016 TIGA Award for “Most Original Game”, The Assembly makes the player think out carefully every move along the game and face the consequences of their choices. It is an old-school first person shooter as concept, without the gore and violence of the most recent video and virtual reality games.


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Price: $29.99


5. EVE: Valkyrie

This game was offered for free for the pre-orders of Oculus Rift and continues to remain a top favorite among gamers. Another first person perspective game, EVE: Valkyrie places you as the pilot of a spaceship. The purpose of the game is to kill as many enemy spaceships and to keep your own from being hit. The game is very fast paced and packed with adrenaline.


Price: $29.99


4. The Climb

If you like action adventure games, The Climb is the right choice for you. Inspired from actual mountain peaks from around the world, The Climb turns you into a competitive mountain climber, competing against your friends and other players. Or, you can start exploring the landscape at your own pace by selecting the Tourist mode.

Price: $49.99


3. The Mage’s Tale

You are an apprentice in the mystical arts and your master has been kidnapped. This is the gist of The Mage’s Tale, a game which takes you into a fantasy world of dungeons, spells, potions and lots of tenebrous creatures who want to stop you from completing your quest.

Price: $29.99


2. Lone Echo

Lost among the rings of Saturn in a mining expedition, you become Jack, an artificial intelligence entity who has to help Captain Olivia Rhodes survive many threats and solve mysteries. Futuristic tools and an incredibly detailed graphic presentation will make you really feel out of this world.

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Price: $39.99


1. Arizona Sunshine

Directly inspired by The Walking Dead series, Arizona Sunshine makes our number one 2017 Oculus Rift game thanks to the great scenario, the wide range of weapons to choose from and the realistic, immersive experience.


Price: $39.99

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