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Augmented Reality App Brings Your Tumbler To Life

Christmas comes early thanks to an augmented reality app.

Tervis, the revolutionary drinkware company, long adored for its expressive and new designs, continues to revolutionize the field with its newest, tech-enabled product, which redefines the day to day drinking experience. By using a free augmented reality app (iTunes), your cup gets superimposed by a computer-generated image, forming an amazingly, tech-enhanced, new view of everybody’s most loved American-made tumbler.

Tervis designed this limited-edition tumbler in the nick of time for the holiday season that has trees and various candy, which you can find on a gingerbread house.

Now on the market, the first design, which features a gingerbread man, is perfect for the holidays. Enjoy the festivities with the augmented reality Tervis tumbler which brings the gingerbread man to life.

You can get your 16 oz. cup at, for $19.99, then download Tervis augmented reality app for free to enjoy the animated gingerbread man. The Tervis AR app, powered by Vuforia, an AR platform, is available on iOS only but it is expected that an Android version will be released soon.

To activate the gingerbread man, use the app to scan the front of your cup. Watch cookies being eaten by this adorable little gingerbread man, and enjoy your augmented holiday reality. You can also see gingerbread man dance through candy land when you twist the cup. It blends computer-generated and what’s real by enhancing what we hear and see. The gingerbread man giggles and gobbles up the cookies until his belly expands to make your holiday as cheerful as ever.

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Similar to all Tervis drinkware, this product is dishwasher and microwave safe. It can fit in most cup holder and keeps your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot. The tumbler is practically indestructible (they offer a lifetime guarantee) and, as all their products, is made in the USA.

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