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Put On Your Virtual Reality Headset and Start DJing With the Vinyl Reality App

Get the real vinyl mixing DJ experience through your virtual reality headset in the world’s first vinyl mixing DJ VR app – Vinyl Reality.

Virtual Reality is taking over the world one business sector at a time. We have seen applications related to education, real estate, movie world experience, and so on. And now, here we are with EntroPi Games’ first virtual reality vinyl mixing DJ application – Vinyl Reality. Thanks to this app, all you need to do is put on your virtual reality headset and grab the two virtual reality controllers, and you’ll have the most realistic VR vinyl DJ setup right in front of you.

DJ experience through your virtual reality headset

The app presents two turntables and two-channel mixers with equalizers, volume control, gain, and PLF. All of which is digitally modeled with realistic behaviors. You even get a record case from where you can browse and load your own audio tracks and start DJing. There’s a set of virtual reality headphones to listen and preview the cued tracks. And there’s more – you get a separate audio output for performances and live streams, and you can export your mixed music in a wav file. All this using your virtual reality headset. No need to spend money on expensive DJ tools and stuff anymore.

DJ experience through your virtual reality headset

Whether you are a beginner DJ or a professional one, you have all the tools in Vinyl Reality that you need to play and mix awesome music. This app focuses on providing a realistic and accurate simulation of vinyl DJing in virtual reality. The developers say that they are making Vinyl Reality more accessible to the people who have no experience of DJing, by loading it with features that bring down the learning curve. The developers also have plans of adding different environment presets in the application.

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EntroPi Games will roll out Vinyl Reality for virtual reality headsets in January 2018. But, you can buy the early access software on their official website, and help the developers get user feedback early on, so they can create “a robust, intuitive and enjoyable VR DJing experience”.


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