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The Best Virtual Reality Video and Movie Platforms

Discover the best platforms where you can enjoy varied and high definition virtual reality video content, from cartoons to the latest Hollywood movies.


Our mission at ARPost is to help our readers understand how virtual reality works, what equipment and technology it uses, and how you can enjoy it. We spend time reviewing and recommending the best games you can play and we make judicious recommendations of the bestselling VR equipment you can buy. Today we will focus on virtual reality video – that is, the best platforms you can use to enjoy high quality and immersive VR movies.

Thanks to the huge popularity of virtual reality technology, movie production companies have decided to tap into the huge potential of creating more realistic and entertaining motion pictures than ever. Virtual reality video and movie content is now extremely rich and varied and has something to offer for all tastes and preferences.

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These are, in our opinion, the best virtual reality video platforms to choose from and discover exciting and immersive movies to watch in 2018:

Disney Movies VR

Disney Movie VR
Disney Movies VR screenshot

The world of Disney movies needs no introduction. From classic cartoons to modern fairy tales and family-friendly entertainment, Disney is one of the largest movie production companies in the world. Always an innovator, like its founder Walt Disney, it is not surprising that the company has decided to take advantage of the latest technology. Their Disney Movies VR app promises superb quality virtual reality video content for the most popular VR headsets.

The Disney Movies VR app works with Oculus Rift, Steam and Oculus Gear VR.

Netflix VR

Netflix and chill? Now you can experience virtual reality video from the popular movie streaming app Netflix. Anywhere you want, anytime you feel like it, you can set up your smartphone to become your personal immersive movie theater and allow you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies in VR.

Currently, the Netflix VR app works with Google Daydream-compatible Android smartphones and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store. The app works with all Netflix subscription plans.


Paramount Pictures Bigscreen

Bigscreen is one of the leading social virtual reality software platforms that enables its users to hangout in virtual worlds, watch movies with friends in a virtual movie theater, or collaborate with coworkers in virtual offices.

One of the major motion picture production companies, Paramount Pictures, decided to join the VR technology world, and thanks to this partnership, fans were able to experience Top Gun 3D in Bigscreen’s immersive Virtual Reality movie theater. Though this event was available only from December 29 until December 31, 2017, and only to people located in the United States and those who use Oculus Rift or Steam headsets tethered to a computer running on Windows 10, there is no doubt that more similar content will be available soon. There are rumors Paramount has several films scheduled to come in 2018.

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Samsung VR

Samsung VR

Samsung has not stopped developing virtual reality hardware. The company offers its customers a virtual reality video platform where they can discover a wide variety of immersive video content: movies, live videos and concerts.

The Samsung VR app works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Gear VR headsets. Thanks to the brand new Samsung Gear 360 cameras, you can start creating content and sharing it with other users on the Samsung VR video platform.

Samsung VR android app


Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR is a virtual reality video platform which offers content from various producers: movies, sports events, music videos and concerts. Content producers are encouraged to distribute their virtual reality video production. At the present, the Jaunt VR app offers its library of content ad-free.

Jaunt VR
Jaunt VR screenshot

The Jaunt VR app is compatible with the following devices: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Mixed Reality headsets, Playstation VR, Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR.

In terms of hardware, Jaunt virtual reality video content can be enjoyed both on Android and Apple smartphones.


We are certain that the landscape of virtual reality video and movies will become even more complex, with players from the motion pictures and music industry joining and developing high quality and enjoyable content for all tastes and preferences.

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