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The Best Virtual Reality Movies of 2017

Immersive VR experiences go beyond gaming: discover the best virtual reality movies you should watch.

Virtual reality is a perfect fit for entertainment, and this is visible in the ever-increasing number of virtual reality games and movies available in various specialized stores. From the moment the technology became sufficiently advanced and affordable to filmmakers, and 360-degree cameras were offered for sale to the general public, there was an explosion of professional and amateur virtual reality movies.

At this point, we can already get over the novelty of the technology, and judge these movies for their plot, acting, music and filming technique. People are no longer wowed by virtual reality movies simply because they offer the immersive experience. They want recommendations for good movies, which they can really enjoy, beyond the technology used to make them.

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Who knows, in the future we may have an Academy Awards category for virtual reality movies. For now, we want to share with you the best VR movies according to public ratings in 2017. We tried to pick movies from various genres to satisfy all preferences.


Black Hawk Down

This title may be familiar to fans of Ridley Scott movies. Indeed, the original 2D version was released in 2001 and it is impressive by its sheer realism. All the actors underwent Special Forces training and no effort was spared to make people believe the story.

And now the realism is enhanced by virtual reality. Netflix has taken on the difficult work of turning Black Hawk Down into a fully immersive experience. If you love action movies, then Black Hawk Down VR will certainly be at the top of your list of favorite virtual reality movies.

Here’s the trailer:


Journey VR

“Space, the final frontier…” Most of us can easily recall the intro to one of the most popular sci-fi movie series which ran from the 1970s to the 2000s – Star Trek. But what is really out there? Journey VR attempts to give us a few answers.

Journey VR virtual reality movies

In Journey VR, available on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE, we get to see a view of space beyond the orbit of Earth, filmed with 360-degree cameras installed on the International Space Station. The movie costs $1.99 to rent, and $2.99 to purchase for good.

See for yourselves if it is worth your time and money in this short trailer:


Valen’s Reef

From the outer space, let us return to Earth and take a look at one of the best virtual reality movies in the nature exploration genre. Conservationist Ronald Mambrasar and his son Valen explore the deep sea coral reef and explain why it is important to protect it and keep it thriving.

It is a mesmerizing journey to places you will most likely never explore by yourself, and it is fully realistic and immersive thanks to virtual reality.

Enjoy the full movie for free:



11:57 virtual reality movie horror 11:57 virtual reality movie horror

Horror movies fans needn’t despair – virtual reality movies include this genre as well. 11:57 is equally realistic and disturbing by the fact that the viewer is put in the role of the main character, experiencing every minute of the movie as a real, personal experience.

It is not a movie for the faint-hearted. However, if you are curious, you can download it here. The movie works best with [amazon_textlink asin=’B073X8N1YW’ text=’Oculus Rift’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’arpost-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5884db1e-10a5-11e8-a4ba-73c1875cd85b’].

Before you do so, might be a good idea to have a look at the extended trailer:


Notes on Blindness

Notes on Blindness VR virtual reality movie

Notes on Blindness VR Notes on Blindness VR






We take our senses for granted. After watching Notes on Blindness, we will probably value them much more. Based on the true experience of a person gradually losing their eyesight, this project developed by ARTE studios, available on Oculus Rift, is one of the most moving and profound virtual reality movies you can experience.

Here’s the trailer:

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