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Augmented Reality Valentine’s Day: HappyGiant’s AR Greeting Cards – REAL cARds™

Send your Valentine a greeting card using the first augmented reality greeting card from HappyGiant.


HappyGiant’s REAL cARds™ offer users the opportunity to send Valentine’s cards using their augmented reality greeting card app and platform. The award-winning independent games studio has released the cards via the REAL cARds app that can be found in the iTunes App store, giving users the chance to send Valentine’s Day cards using augmented reality for the first time.

HappyGiant has has been setting the standard when it comes to delivering experiences whereby users can immerse themselves and experience something new and unique. HappyGiant has already released HoloGrid: Monster Battle, which is an AR game that can be used across a number of platforms and was recently recognized by Apple as the “Game of the Day”, proving just how influential the games studio really is. The game delivered a completely new perspective on immersive gaming, where creatures are brought to life, in real-time.

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In a new twist on their already-impressive AR skills, HappyGiant has created REAL cARds that uses the same augmented reality tools to add life to flowers, hearts and cuddly toys, providing people with an innovative and exciting way of sending their Valentine a card that really packs a punch.


HappyGiant wants to bring augmented reality experiences to a wider audience and so, they have identified that AR greeting cards could be the area that bucks the trend and changes the way in which people approach greeting cards.

“REAL cARds are the perfect way for people to experience AR for the first time … and over, and over, again. They are bite-sized chunks of AR fun,” said Michael Levine, HappyGiant’s CEO. “It’s an exciting new way to send messages, and virtual teddy bears, to friends and family.”

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”18″ bg_color=”#04303e” txt_color=”#ffffff”]Just in time for Valentine’s Day, REAL cARds are First Digital-Only ARkit Greeting Cards[/mks_pullquote]

The idea behind REAL cARds is to enable people to experience all that AR has to offer for the first time. Once they experience what it has to offer, they can familiarise themselves with it and begin using it more and more. Effectively, it is a new and exciting way to send messages.

Using Apple’s ARKit, REAL cARds takes its tracking and depth-sensing properties to create hearts and flowers that come to life in front of you along with accessories and a 3D card that is fully customizable.

For those who have access to the latest ARKit- compatible devices will have the ability to experience even more from the full app. Those who do not have compatible devices will be given access to a video presentation that can be viewed through email or SMS.

Main Features

Users will have the option to select a number of card sequences, while they will have control over the way it looks. This is down to the fact that they can select different flowers and teddy bears as well as add their own customised messages. The cards will include music, 3D animation, all of which is delivered in AR.

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