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5 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your (Everyday) Life

Our lives are being changed by augmented reality more than we could have ever imagined.

There is no doubt that the world of technology is evolving at an incredible pace. One area that is rapidly improving is augmented reality. It is changing the way in which we live our lives and will continue to change the way we see the work but how will it improve the way in which we live?


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1. Keeping Fit

ARX augmented reality fitness
Source: ARX

We all long to get fit or stay fit but keeping on track with everything can prove difficult. However, augmented reality can help you to remain focused and actually get up and about and taking part in exercise. There are apps such as Seek that can get you on the hunt for treasure, which will have you working up a sweat offering an element of fun at the same time. If you spend time in the gym then it can revolutionise your workouts. There are AR startups like ARX which, using AR glasses, aim to help you make exercising even more interesting, by turning it into a fun and engaging video game.



2. Enhancing Your Knowledge

augmented reality apps Timelooper
Source: Timelooper

Whether you enjoy visiting museums or exploring new places to broaden your horizons, augmented reality is changing those experiences and helping you to improve your knowledge. An app such as Timelooper is a prime example of how you can explore the history of a city as you travel around. In a similar way, many museums, such as the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, are adopting this technology and that takes learning to a completely new level.




3. Improving the Way You Learn

Many of us find that we learn more efficiently when we see things visually and so, augmented reality is encouraging this form of learning. Teachers and students are beginning to benefit from AR as it is enabling them to learn topics such as astronomy in depth and at a faster rate.


4. Finding Out More About Your Surroundings

The whole experience of finding out what is around you can be improved through the use of AR. A world where you can find reviews of restaurants, the best deals and even information about buildings or bus routes in the area you are in can change the way in which you think and the technology is as good as available. This is urban exploration on a technological level but it can open your mind to information on demand, where almost anything is accessible.


5. Seeing It Before Buying It

Target See it in your space
Source: Target

These days, when we want to buy something, the majority of us begin our search online. This removes our ability to try things out before we purchase but AR is making that possible again. Imagine being able to find out whether a piece of furniture fits before you purchase it by trying it out using augmented reality technology. Large businesses such as IKEA and Target are putting customers in control of what they purchase by making this a possibility for them and that is altering the purchasing power of individuals.

It is clear to see that augmented reality is certainly changing the way in which we lead our lives. It is making it possible for us to visualise, make decisions and enrich our lives in ways that give us the power to improve the way we live. This is a completely new world of information and experience and soon, the time will come where everyone is adopting the technology in some way.


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