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World’s First Virtual Reality Furniture Showroom Made Possible by White Label Agreement between AFR® Furniture and AllSeated

AFR® Furniture white labels the virtual reality seating platform developed by AllSeated and creates the first VR furniture showroom.

AFR® Furniture and AllSeated virtual reality

A new strategic partnership was forged on February 19 between AFR® Furniture Rental and AllSeated, its result being the first virtual reality furniture showroom. On one hand, AFR® specializes in furniture rentals for various events. On the other hand, AllSeated has developed a proprietary VR engine allowing its clients to create and plan their perfect event, down to the last details.

Planning an Event in Virtual Reality–a Dream Come True

Top-level business events, weddings, college reunions–they all need careful planning in order to turn out successfully. While some customers have a very clear idea of what they want, others need visual aids to select the best color theme, furniture, flower arrangements, seating plan, etc.

Computer generated images are helpful to a point. But virtual reality allows clients to experience the event venue in the most realistic manner ever. They can test different colors and different seating arrangements, until they find the perfect combination.

And now, thanks to the white label agreement between AFR® and AllSeated, they can also pick the rental furniture for the event from a large selection provided by AFR®. “We are thrilled to white label AllSeated’s VR engine in order to transport our clients into our showrooms, and allow them to experience our furniture in ways nobody has experienced before,” stated the Chief Branding Officer of AFR® Furniture Rental, Tricia Smith, for PR Newswire.

As Allseated CMO and co-founder Sandy Hammer explained, “AllSeated working alongside AFR® is going to be a dream for event planning community and its clients.”

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Virtual Reality Improves Operational Efficiency of Event Planning

AllSeated has over 20 years of experience in developing 3D technologies, which it injects into its business philosophy for event planning. The virtual reality engine the company developed was designed for busy clients who want to plan their events quickly and efficiently, with zero mistakes.

As demonstrated by a series of videos available on their website, the VR engine offers customers a fully immersive and realistic walkthrough the venue of their choice. They can change the arrangement, add or remove tables and chairs, add more buffet side tables, etc.

With the addition of furniture to the customization possibilities for their event, the customer is truly in full control of planning. This will certainly change the landscape of event planning services, empowering specialists to offer their customers not just the best, but that which is perfectly suited to their tastes and preferences.

Without a doubt, virtual reality is the technology of the future for every field of business and industry. It provides professionals with the most advanced tools they need to showcase their products and services, and allows clients to have a hands-on experience before they decide to make a purchase.


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