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Vuzix Starts Mass Production of the First Windows-based Augmented Reality Glasses for Toshiba

Developer of augmented reality glasses and technologies Vuzix has initiated mass production for a Windows-based headset developed for Toshiba.


Last week, Vuzix Corporation, developer of augmented reality glasses and technologies for personal and enterprise use, announced the start of mass production for a Windows-based model of smart glasses developed for Toshiba. The smart glasses are designed to connect with Toshiba’s latest mobile mini PC through a USB Type-C cable and will allow wearers to share texts, videos, audio communications, and still images.

The First Windows-Based Augmented Reality Glasses

This is a breakthrough announcement in the field of augmented reality technology. The augmented reality glasses developed by Vuzix are the first model running on a Windows operating system. The AR smart glasses were developed on the blueprints of the Vuzix M300 Smart glasses.

This innovative product is the result of a development agreement entered into by Vuzix and Toshiba in February 2017. Over the last year, Vuzix has already developed hundreds of engineering and development projects for Toshiba. The mass production of the Windows-based augmented reality glasses represents the fulfillment of a purchase order received by Toshiba, which will cover a period of 3 years. For the first year of the purchase agreement, the minimum expected purchases amount to $5 million.

Vuzix Toshiba augmented reality glasses

An Innovation for Augmented Reality: Smart Glasses Connected to Mobile Mini PC

The problem with tethered augmented reality glasses is lack of mobility. Users can benefit from the advantages offered by augmented reality technology, but they have to be confined to the limited space provided by the length of the cables connecting the AR smart glasses to the computer.

Toshiba’s new dynaEdge DE 100 Mobile Mini PC removes these spatial limits. The miniaturized PC is small enough to be carried clipped onto the belt, allowing workers to do their job in remote locations and maintain communication with each other.

[mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”200″ size=”16″ bg_color=”#04303e” txt_color=”#ffffff”]The co-branded Toshiba/Vuzix dynaEdge AR100 smart glasses “Powered by Vuzix” connect directly to Toshiba’s dynaEdge DE 100 Mobile Mini PC which can be belt-worn with a USB Type-C ™ cable. [/mks_pullquote] This innovative mini PC will soon be equipped with the co-branded Toshiba/Vuzix dynaEdge AR100 smart glasses “Powered by Vuzix.” The augmented reality glasses will be accompanied by a specific application for remote support, Vision DE Suite, which runs on Windows 10. This application was developed for the dynaEdge DE 100 Mobile Mini PC and it allows users to open PDF, video and still image files, as well as take photos and movies with sound. For communications, the Vision DE Suite integrates the Microsoft owned Skype for a business messaging service.

A Potential Match Made In Heaven

The collaboration between Toshiba and Vuzix looks to be one of the most promising ones in the world of augmented reality technology. “Vuzix’ ability to develop and manufacture a new class of smart glasses for Toshiba within an aggressive set of timelines was remarkable. We are also very impressed with Vuzix’ line of smart glasses and other technology that the Company has in development and look forward to continued collaboration between the companies,” stated the vice-president for marketing and product development at Toshiba Client Solutions Division, Mr. Carl Pinto.

The new Windows-based augmented reality glasses are expected to start shipping within approximately 30 days. There is no information concerning the price of the device, however it is certainly an enterprise-focused product. However, it is quite possible that a successful implementation of the AR glasses–mobile mini PC combo may lead to further product developments aimed at the consumer market.

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