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VRgineers and Leap Motion to Develop the First Professional Virtual Reality Headset with Integrated Hand Tracking

Leap Motion partners with VRgineers, a Czech developer of professional VR gear, plans to integrate its proprietary hand tracking movement into an innovative virtual reality headset.


Leap Motion has just recently announced a partnership with VRgineers, a Czech based company with offices in Prague and Los Angeles. VRgineers are specialized in producing enterprise-grade virtual reality headset models used in the automotive industry, architecture, training and industrial design. Leap Motion are known for their proprietary hand tracking technology, which helped improve virtual reality experiences for entertainment and work projects as well.

The partnership aims to bring together the superb, highly realistic VR experience provided by the latest virtual reality headset created by VRgineers with the proprietary hand tracking technology developed by Leap Motion. The result will be the most innovative type of VR headset, which integrates 5K resolution and Leap Motion technology to offer users the most immersive and independent virtual reality experience to date.

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The Race Towards VR-Powered Industries at All Levels

“VR as an enabler of totally new ways to work is a major disruptor across all industries. Our combined technology creates a new professional tool that will accelerate this revolution,” said the co-founder of VRgineers, Martin Holecko of the new partnership with Leap Motion.

The Czech-based company is currently selling its most advanced virtual reality headset, the VRHero 5K Plus. This hardware will integrate Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology in order to create an advanced, integrated system that allows users to interact with virtual reality objects in a realistic manner. This will potentially lead to new, innovative applications in business and across various industries.

VRHero 5K Plus VRgineers virtual reality headset
VRHero 5K Plus

The Characteristics of the Powerful VRHero 5K Plus Virtual Reality Headset

It is obvious that Leap Motion is only forging partnerships where they see true value and potential for innovation. Being the world’s first VR headset with high-density OLED displays, VRHero 5K Plus is packed with features that deliver unmatched virtual reality experiences.

The VRHero 5K Plus features:

  • 170-degree field of view
  • 24bit RGB colors
  • 5K resolution (5120 x 2880 pixels)
  • Double Quad HD OLED displays with superior pixel density to Apple’s recent Super Retina display.

Analysts specializing in optics for virtual reality state that VRgineers’ device is capable of rendering the most true-to-life image of all virtual reality headsets. Leap Motion’s hand tracking technology will be a welcome addition to the capacities offered by VRHero 5K Pro to professionals in medicine, engineering, architecture and the automotive industry.

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Shaping the Future of Virtual Reality

“Hand tracking is essential to the future of VR experiences. VRgineers is pushing the envelope of what’s possible in VR image quality and fidelity, and embedding Leap Motion technology adds a new dimension to that sense of immersion and realism,” stated the CEO and co-founder of Leap Motion, Michael Buckwald.

Leap Motion Controller
Leap Motion Controller

For now, the new VR platform and devices to emerge from the Leap Motion–VRgineers collaboration is expected to be enterprise-grade, as it will go beyond the needs and financial possibilities of individual users. But history has always shown us that each technological trend which started out as an exclusive, business-only product or service expanded to the consumer market, became more affordable and adapted to the needs and interests of regular people.

We are certain that the innovative virtual reality headset developed by Leap Motion and VRgineers will follow the same path, in due time.

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