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Oculus Opens Applications for the Third Edition of VR for Good Creators Lab

The VR for Good Creators Lab by Oculus has reached its third edition and applications are open for developers.

Developers who want to demonstrate their skills in creating virtual reality experiences can now send in applications for the VR for Good Creators Lab created and supported by Oculus. The initiative has reached its third-year edition and is focused on using “the immersive power of VR to inspire positive social change,” according to the official announcement on the company blog.

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Virtual Reality Goes Socially Conscious

Associating virtual reality with corporate social responsibility actions is the driving force behind VR for Good Creators. The lab is dedicated to bringing together nonprofit organizations and virtual reality developers. Their collaboration will help create VR experience which can raise and spread awareness at the global level concerning serious issues afflicting our society such as domestic abuse and human trafficking.

VR for Good Creators Lab has already created projects focused on environmental conservation, but also justice reform. The artistic content developed with the help of the latest technologies has already been publicly screened at major events, such as the SXSW conference and the Tribeca film festival.


Oculus Reaffirms its Commitment to Innovate the World

The VR for Good initiative is one of the ways in which the company Oculus is trying to change perspectives, mindsets and push forward change at the global level. All these are done through the use of virtual reality–an immersive medium which allows people to relate to the experiences they enjoy and see everything from the first person perspective.

The third edition of VR for Good Creators Lab will take place in California, June 6-8. The summit will consist of workshops and brainstorming sessions, as well as community building. The terms and conditions for eligibility posted by Oculus state that developers (named in the legal document “filmmakers”) must demonstrate:

  • Relevant experience in virtual reality technology and 360 filmmaking
  • Knowledge of post-production software for this type of filmmaking
  • Track record of interest and passion for VR and nonprofit causes
  • Existing portfolio of completed films and VR projects of a satisfactory quality

Oculus will select the top 10 most eligible developers and nonprofit organizations for this year’s VR for Good Creators lab.


Applications are Open for Interested Developers

Developers who want to participate in the VR for Good Creators lab can send in their applications until April 6, 2018, 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

If you are interested in joining this CSR initiative by Oculus, you can apply at this link.


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