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The 5 Best Virtual Reality Music Experiences You Must Try

Entertainment has a lot to gain from pairing with virtual reality– now the music industry is joining in.


Music is a global language for our feelings and moods. When it is paired with virtual reality technology, it becomes one of the most incredible entertainment experiences available. Even though the music industry is far behind the gaming and movie industry in the adoption rate of this new technology, some steps have already been made.

One of the first virtual reality music experiences released to the public was a very short (and silent) snippet of an upcoming collaboration project between VR startup Magic Leap and the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Now you can explore and enjoy a more expansive range of music experiences in virtual reality.

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Some of these embrace the form of virtual reality games, but the main focus is enjoying and creating music. Others involve trending musicians who are trying to offer their fans a brand new, more exciting way of discovering and enjoying their work. We have prepared a list of the most immersive and enjoyable virtual reality music experiences you should try.


VRTIFY is becoming the YouTube of virtual reality music: the go-to platform for music fans who want to enjoy their favorite artists’ work and discover new music, paired with 360-degree video, immersive environments which enhance the music experience, and a comprehensive search function for music and VR locations.

From VR live concerts to hi-tech music videos, VRTIFY tries to bring together the best of music, and augmented, mixed and virtual reality.

This presentation video will give you an idea of what this platform has to offer:

The Music Room

the music room virtual reality

the music room virtual realityThis HTC VIVE app allows users to experience playing a musical instrument in the most realistic manner possible. Maybe you have tried your hand at playing instruments with computer software that uses the keyboard to reproduce sounds, but this is closer to the real thing. You will experience the energy of using a drum kit, your fingers will glide on harp strings and you will truly feel the emotion of pressing the piano keys.

The Music Room is not just a virtual reality music experience– it is a powerful way of unleashing your own creativity and turning your emotions into harmonious sounds.

See a teaser presentation here:

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Starship Disco

What happens if you cross Guitar Hero with Counterstrike? You get Starship Disco, a virtual reality music game, where you are the commander of a space ship spinning out of control and encountering numerous evil aliens. Instead of lasers, phasers, and other sophisticated weapons of the future, you can blast them away with music. The more powerful the beat, the more successful you are.

Starship Disco works with Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.


Music festivals bring people together in the most meaningful way. So many of us have had to miss these events due to conflicting schedules or distance. But not anymore. TheWaveVR allows you to enjoy amazing music festivals in virtual reality. Just put on the headset and you will be transported into the most exciting atmosphere where good music and the enthusiasm of the audience will take you to new levels of entertainment.

thewavevr virtual reality

Amplify VR

Do you have a band and a song, but can’t afford a really funky video to go with it? Amplify VR will create it for you! By analyzing the melodic line and the beat, Amplify VR will translate them into an immersive landscape where your fans can truly feel your music in the most meaningful way ever.

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