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Introducing Dex: Your AR Dog Companion Augmented Reality App

Dex: You AR Dog Companion is the first pet caring augmented reality app, perfect for people who are thinking about getting a dog.


The well known tagline “There’s an app for that” has a new meaning for people who are thinking about getting a pet. They can first try looking after a dog using an augmented reality app developed by Labrodex Studios.

A First Look at Dex: Your AR Dog Companion App

The app, named Dex: Your AR Dog Companion has recently been launched on Google Play and Apple App Store, and we will show you today what the app offers its users. First of all, it is interesting to know that Dex, the dog in the augmented reality app, is modeled after a real life Labrador.

Dex: Your AR Dog Companion Augmented Reality App

The friendly four legged holographic companion is based on the Labrador Retriever belonging to the founder of the developer company, Labrodex Studio, Jim Ivon. He is not only a proud dog owner, but also one of the sponsors of the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vet Dogs. One of the motivations in creating Dex: Your AR Dog Companion is, as Ivon states, to bring attention to the activities performed by such organizations.

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What Does This Augmented Reality App Offer?

Dex: Your AR Dog Companion currently features a full set of basic functionalities which will give users the sense of having a dog and looking after it. They can have the following interactions with the holographic dog:

  • Train Dex to obey simple commands and perform various funny tricks;
  • Look after the needs of the dog, as if it were a real life pet: give it food, water, take it out for walks, etc.;
  • Give Dex toys to play with;
  • Let Dex search for hidden coins, which can be used for in-app purchases.

Introducing Dex: Your AR Dog Companion Augmented Reality App

The creators of the augmented reality app programmed Dex to behave like a real life dog: it has a friendly disposition and is very obedient. However, its behavior is influenced by the way each user interacts with Dex. And, by the way, each user can change the name of the dog to their favorite pet name.

Future Development Planned for the App

The creators of Dex: Your AR Dog Companion want to add as many fun and interactive functionalities as possible to the app. In the near future, the augmented reality app will receive updates adding:

  • Mini-games: Dex can play in and outside the house, finding treats and learning new tricks.
  • Accessories: every good dog deserves a shiny collar and the latest doggie fashions.
  • Dog house: for the moments when Dex wants to rest by itself.
  • Progressive training module: Dex will become smarter as it undergoes real life dog training lessons.
  • Dog play dates: app users can set up meetings between their virtual Dex dogs.

Here’s a short video presentation of the app:

This new augmented reality app is a welcome addition to the many AR apps available in app stores. It is the most realistic experience of having a pet dog, and it will certainly be helpful for people who think about getting a dog. By interacting with virtual Dex, they will learn first hand all the joy and responsibilities of looking after a pet. Thus, when they decide to get a real dog, they will do it with full knowledge of what it entails.

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