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Affordable Augmented Reality Technology for Retailers Thanks to AUGMENTes

AUGMENTes launched a new platform that helps retailers benefit from augmented reality technology at affordable prices.

New technologies take time to become affordable for the majority of consumers and small businesses. This is definitely the case with augmented reality technology at present: although it is more and more in demand, not all businesses can afford it. This is why some of them are losing the race and losing customers. But from now on they can get back in the game, thanks to a new AR platform developed by AUGMENTes for online shopping experiences.


Affordable Augmented Reality Technology—The Key to Small Business Success

The 3D augmented reality platform developed by AUGMENTes has been officially presented at this year’s IRCE trade show in Chicago (June 5-8). It was built using the ARKit SDK developed by Apple, and will give SMEs the possibility to let their customers do their shopping from any device and see realistic holographic representations of the products in their house.

The platform does not provide only this basic form of augmented reality technology. Retailers can also use it to attract more customers and build remarketing and retention marketing strategies using targeted ads, augmented digital catalogs, and more. The platform also offers geo-fencing capabilities and beacons, allowing companies to target their desired audience with ads and special offers.

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Augmented Reality Technology is No Longer Reserved for Big Players

The CEO of AUGMENTes, Sundar Moorthi, explained the decision of the company to focus on affordable augmented reality technology: “Augmented Reality has been the buzz in the retail industry for the past year. Now that some retail giants are offering this functionality, consumers will start demanding it more and more. […] Our system lets any retailers compete with the likes of Amazon using AR in an affordable solution.”

This will certainly empower more and more businesses to adopt new technologies. It will help them connect with prospects and customers in more meaningful ways and add value to the products and services they offer.

The future of retail shopping appears to be inextricably connected with augmented reality technology. It is, after all, the next best thing to going to a store and looking at the products. Being able to visualize an item, life size and in situ as a holographic projection, helps customers feel more confident about making a purchase.

ffordable Augmented Reality Technology for Retailers thanks to AUGMENTes


AUGMENTes, the company behind this latest augmented reality technology platform, is based in Houston, Texas and has received the title of 2017’s Most Promising IT & Web company from Rice Alliance. The goal of the company is to help small and mid-sized retailers increase sales both online and offline, through an omni-channel platform which now also features augmented reality technology.

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