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AR Race Car: Drifting into the Real World

From life-sized to toy-size, AR Race Car brings you realistic burnouts, drifting, and cornering anywhere you are. No seatbelt required.

AR Race Car was released worldwide on May 10, 2018. It is a casual and entertaining, controlled car game in augmented reality. There is no specific goal of the game, only to drive around on real world surfaces performing burnouts and drifts anywhere you want.

Gameplay and Mechanics

You begin right away by selecting from six different race cars, and each one providing its own performance metrics, as well as the type of driving you plan to do. These categories include easy, racing, and of course, full-on drift mode.

AR Race carYou can then scan your environment for a flat surface to drive on, and scale your car to a life-sized version, or down to a toy-sized version.

The four controls show up on-screen, and are simple to use. You can easily accelerate, brake, and turn left or right. If you want to show off your driving skills, you can also record, edit, and share videos from within the app itself.

AR Race car AR Race car


Visuals and Sound

AR Race Car offers high-resolution models with realistic lighting, shadowing, smoke, skid marks, and you can even get up close to your driver. Additionally, the catchy music leads up to your driving adventure, only to be readily replaced with real-life engine and tire spin sound effects.

AR Race car


About Rocket 5 Studios

Rocket 5 was started in 2012, and is an award winning game and app development studio founded by game industry veterans Catherine Feraday Miller (DreamWorks, LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics) and Tim Miller (LucasArts, Secret Level, Nihilistic Software), with over 30 years of combined industry experience. Located in Toronto, Canada, Rocket 5 is committed to making innovative and entertaining software that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

They currently are also available to the public for consulting and contracting mobile, desktop, and/or web game development.

Rocket 5 Studios’ goal with this app, which is built using ARKit and the Unity game engine, was to get something out into the AR market that was fairly simple to produce, but would demonstrate the capabilities of AR games. They continue to work on further AR and VR products that will be just as fun and exciting.

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How You Can Get AR Race Car

To start your racing adventure with AR Race Car, just download the iOS app from the App Store for $0.99. It is currently available on iPhone 6S or newer.

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