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AllSeated VR is the First Dynamic Virtual Reality Application for Event Planning, Now Available for Professionals

An innovative virtual reality application allows event planners to give clients an immersive walk-through of the venue and help them select colors and decorations.

Planning a wedding or a business event is a highly specialized task, which requires a complete and clear understanding of the client’s wishes and knowing how to stay within the budget. For years, event planners have tried many creative ways of building computer generated images of the venue and getting the client’s approval before actually leasing furniture and ordering decorations. Thanks to a brand new virtual reality application, AllSeated VR, the event planning industry now has an immersive and interactive tool to give their clients a realistic walk-through of the proposed venue.

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AllSeated VR—The Virtual Reality Application Event Planners Were Waiting For

Sharing your vision of the way an event venue will look, from the color scheme to the placement of tables and chairs, is not easy. Words and still pictures are not capable of creating the experience of being there and seeing everything in the mind’s eye. Even video rendering is only partly effective.

But a virtual reality application where the event planning professional and the client can “meet” in a holographic, immersive environment is a true game changer. With AllSeated VR, event planners can perform quick adjustments to the general layout, switch color schemes and add or remove items at the client’s suggestions without any impact on the project budget.

The first event planning professionals who tested AllSeated VR were more than pleased with the experience.

“Tools like AllSeated VR, with immersive virtual viewing of our property and the ability to make changes in real-time, is beyond anything we could have expected and gives us a competitive edge. Technology for our industry is a game changer if it adds to our top line, improves operational efficiency, saves time and money, and provides something really special for our clients,” stated the Director of Catering at The Plaza New York, Mike Warren.


No Limit to the Number of Changes Made before the Client is Happy

allseated virtual reality application

The number one benefit event planning professionals have noticed from AllSeated VR is the ease with which alterations can be made to a project. The application offers them complete freedom in: redesigning seating charts, managing RSVPs and special menu requests (vegan, special diets, etc.).

Also, the ability to experience a venue in a fully realistic manner before setting foot in it plays an important role in increasing sales for event venues. Instead of looking at photos and reading testimonials, potential customers can really “be” there, walk along the hall, see the dance ring, the furniture and evaluate the adequacy of the venue for their event.


New Technologies Bring Customers and Businesses Closer

AllSeated VR is yet another example of a virtual reality application that bridges the distance between what the client wants and what the business has to offer. “With 20 years of gaming experience, our development team easily determined how VR could revolutionize the event industry, in areas such as sales and marketing, vendor selection, event planning, collaboration, and ultimately search and discovery,” explained Yaron Lipshitz, the CEO of AllSeated.

The virtual reality application was built to be compatible with a wide range of VR headsets, such as Oculus Go, HTC VIVE and Samsung Gear VR.

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