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Samsung and NASA Partner to Create 4D Lunar Gravity Virtual Reality Experience

You can now experience the feeling of walking on the Moon in the “A Moon for All Mankind” virtual reality experience developed by Samsung and NASA.


“A Moon for All Mankind” is the latest virtual reality experience created by Samsung, but it is also one of the most advanced and most innovative. The cinematic 4D experience was developed in collaboration with NASA and gives regular people the feeling of exploring our natural satellite.

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Feeling Just Like an Astronaut in Virtual Reality

The virtual reality experience can be enjoyed using a Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone and Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Once they put on the headset and the experience begins, users are transported in a highly detailed and realistic holographic world – a mission to the Moon which simulates the gravity level on the lunar surface.

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This project could not have been possible without expert advice and input from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The Samsung team worked in close collaboration with the NASA team that created the Active Response Gravity Offload System used by astronauts to train for missions in a low-gravity environment.

A Moon for All Mankind Samsung and NASA Virtual Reality Experience
Source: Samsung

A Realistic Experience Down to the Latest Details

The virtual reality experience “A Moon for All Mankind” was designed to give people not just the feel of moving around in lunar gravity, but also a realistic idea of how astronauts prepare for missions starting from the basic administrative details here on Earth.

Each user receives a full brief of the mission and practical details of how to walk on the Moon. They are then invited to get into the space suit, which has the Samsung Gear VR equipment built in.

This innovative experience is the latest addition to the offering of Samsung 837 center.

About Samsung 837

Samsung 837 is described by the company as “a first-of-its-kind cultural destination, digital playground, and Marketing Center of Excellence”. Inaugurated in 2016 in the Meatpacking District of New York City – an area known as a technology and fashion hub – Samsung 837 offers its clients access to the latest gadgets and content developed by the company.

No products can be purchased at Samsung 837, but the concept is extremely valuable as a marketing tool for the company – consumers can try out everything the company has to offer for an affordable fee and decide whether they want to own those products.

Among the many activities available at Samsung 837 are 3D movie projections, virtual reality games, and experiences as well as competitions between professional and amateur gamers.

Speaking of this innovative manner of delivering the virtual reality experience “A Moon for All Mankind”, Sean Carter of the Strategic Partnerships at NASA Johnson Space Center stated: “Starting this year, we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Program that landed a dozen Americans on the Moon. With VR experiences like the one Samsung has developed, we are working to make lunar missions accessible to the public and are excited to inspire the next generation of astronauts.”

You can watch the official teaser of the new virtual reality experience below:

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