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Google Expands VR Creator Lab Virtual Reality Training Program to Europe

YouTubers and independent filmmakers in Europe can now join Google’s virtual reality training academy, VR Creator Lab.

European independent filmmakers and YouTubers can rejoice: Google is bringing the VR Creator Lab virtual reality training academy to the old continent. The internet giant has already announced the details, including application deadline, eligibility criteria and the instruction schedule for winners.

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Virtual Reality Training – the Golden Skill for the Current Job Market

As new technologies mature and become an integral part of various industries, there is an increasing demand for skilled workforce. Virtual reality has already gone from being only the realm of entertainment and adventurous early adopters, to penetrating the most diverse industry fields, from healthcare and product design, to military training, banking, and finance.

As the adoption rate grows, each of these industries will need experienced virtual reality developers, capable of creating professional tools and content. Google recognized the need to train programmers and content creators into this new technology and created the VR Creator Lab training academy.

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Funds, Training and Bootcamp – the Key Benefits for Successful Applicants

Google’s virtual reality training program offers its successful applicants funding in the range of $30,000 – $40,000 to develop their own VR projects, a bootcamp session and 3 months of intensive training.

The first European virtual reality training session will take place in London. The eligible candidates must submit their application until August 6, 5 pm British Summer Time. In order to qualify for VR Creator Lab, the applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be over 18 years old;
  • They must present a feasible and high quality pitch for a project that can be completed within 3 months;
  • They must be independent filmmakers or YouTube creators with a minimum of 10,000 subscribers.


To get a feel of the VR Creator Lab virtual reality training program, Google shared a video from the Los Angeles edition:

The selected applicants will receive funding for their project, will attend a 3-day bootcamp session on September 18-20 in London and then will continue developing their project during 3 months under the guidance of a professional VR filmmakers or director.


There Are No Losers in This Virtual Reality Training Competition

Unsuccessful applicants will not leave this experience empty-handed. Even if their pitch is not considered relevant or feasible, Google still offers them access to their guide to Getting Started with VR180 cameras and software editing tools. In this way, they can acquire more information and skills, recognize the weak points in their project and prepare a better one for the next VR Creator Lab sessions.

If you are interested in getting your virtual reality training from Google, you can submit your application here.

Good luck!

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